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Posted January 7th

Territory Sales Manager

Portland, OR

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Posted January 7th

Territory Sales Manager

Portland, OR






Full Time

About The Position
Territor Sales Manager (Portland) will be the key daily point of contact managing relationships with retailers, achieving overall sales goals, ensuring retailer satisfaction, and working closely with our founders, sales and marketing teams.
About Us In a Nutshell
Take Two is on a mission to create second chances for our health and our planet! We are passionately committed to creating a truly sustainable food system by inspiring people to shift to a plant rich lifestyle and protecting our natural food resources. We rejuvenate spent barley and transform it into the most nourishing and delicious milks (plant-based or dairy) found anywhere. It's a win-win, for people and the Earth.   

Why this role is important for Take Two’s Work?
We are launching our line of plant-based milks in the Portland, Oregon, market and are in need of a highly motivated, energetic, and optimistic go-getter who is passionately committed to improving the health of the planet by shifting global food consumption towards plants, and is inspired to help us build Take Two from the ground up! This role works closely with the Founders and will be instrumental to the company’s growth, scale, and impact as we work to achieve our overall goals and mission. 

The role is field-based and will be the key day-to-day point of contact managing relationships with retailers, achieving overall sales goals, ensuring retailer satisfaction, and working closely with our growing sales and marketing team. The role is highly independent and collaborative and requires a dynamic individual with strong desire, work ethic, energy, optimism, team-focus, and passion to make a difference.

Once here, you will: 
  • Assist in creating, developing, and carrying out daily, monthly, and quarterly territory sales plan.
  • Manage and call on regional independent and chain accounts, coffee shops, gyms, and corporate offices.
  • Educate account staff on brand and product and find new opportunities for more placement in store.
  • Call on regional distributors to ensure timely delivery of product to accounts.
  • Create, organize and manage monthly and weekly plans and collaborate with field marketing and sales team to make it happen.
  • Open as many doors as possible in assigned territory with a minimum of 40 account visits per week (10-15 per day).
  • On average, sell into 1 new account per day.
  • On average, sell into three Top 10 accounts per month.
  • Participate in in-person weekly sales team meeting, weekly one-on-one recap, and daily communications.  
  • Maintain database of all current and new accounts. Analyze sales volume, accounts, channels, and customers, creating and pulling data. 
  • Have an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, communicating in the field observations back to the team. Including: Take Two’s product line up, competitive landscape and opportunities for growth/incremental distribution.
  • Working hand in hand with field marketing, identify and/or create brand building opportunities and collaborate with them to make these a reality. 
  • Plan and hold ride-alongs with distributors and distributor account managers. 
  • Identify new retailer, distribution, and channel opportunities in assigned market.
  • Increase velocity, awareness and trial  in accounts with demos, offers, and marketing materials.
  • In addition to selling in, fully service accounts accordingly (i.e. merchandising, coupon drops, set up incremental displays, POS drop).

    We’d Be Excited if you are: 
  • 2-4  years experience in field marketing, brand ambassador or sales within the CPG space. Food or beverage start up a plus!
  • A results oriented team player with a positive, “can do” attitude committed to team and company impact.
  • Solution and results-oriented, able to create new opportunities; not afraid of challenges or road bumps; ability to fail fast and grow quickly.
  • Goal and purpose driven; understands big picture and motivated to achieve overarching vision personally and professionally. 
  • Thrives on providing great service to customers and ensuring customer satisfaction; ability to build great long-term relationships
  • Willing to learn and get involved in all aspects of carrying out projects, plans, and vision.
  • Passionate about health, plant-based eating, sustainability and creating better health and planet for all.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • Excellent written/oral communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Effective listening and presentation skills.
  • Strong analytical and strategic-thinking skills.
  • Proven ability to develop positive working relationships and partnerships with internal customers and peers, and to effectively manage those. relationships – strong customer service skills, flexibility, and empathy.
  • Proposes imaginative and creative solutions for strategy and new sources of growth.
  • Readiness to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and early mornings.
  • Travel within territory at least 75% of the time to visit accounts.
  • Extreme attention to detail and accuracy of work.
  • Current, valid driver’s license with a clean motor vehicle record and reliable vehicle.
  • Able to participate in physical activity, including lifting up to 50lbs.
Benefits and Compensation
  • Full-time salaried position
  • Health benefits
  • Monthly car allowance
  • Bonus
Does it sound like the right fit? Let’s Chat!
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  1. What makes you the ideal fit for this role?
  2. What relevant experience do you believe you can contribute to the position?
  3. Why is Take Two a good fit for you?
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Portland, OR