Sweet Amber Distilling Co.



About Us
Established in 2018, Sweet Amber Distilling Co. is the producer of BLACKENED® Whiskey - envisioned by Metallica and Founding Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. It is now crafted and propelled onward by category disruptor and Master Distiller and Blender Rob Dietrich. BLACKENED is a blend of straight bourbons & ryes finished in brandy casks using a proprietary sonic-enhancement process. 

Every facet of BLACKENED® reflects the spirit of innovation, artistry, and exacting standards. The result is a bold and award-winning flavor profile that is enjoyed by whiskey enthusiasts. Recent awards include 93 rating and #14 of the Top Whiskies of 2022 from Whisky Advocate for Rye The Lightning, Platinum at the 2021 Ascot Awards for BLACKENED American Whiskey, Best Rye at the 2022 John Barleycorn Awards for Master of Whiskey Series collaboration with Willett, and Consumer Choice from 2022 Whiskey & Barrel Consumer for BLACKENED Whiskey Cask Strength. 

Sweet Amber Distilling Co. is a nimble, dynamic organization that is completely remote, allowing greater flexibility, efficiency, and geographic coverage across the U.S. with depth of experience in the spirits and music industries.