Sunwink Herbal Tonics





About Us


Are you looking to join a purpose driven company? At Sunwink, we strive to uplift humanity by connecting people to the healing powers of earth. We created Sunwink to nourish our bodies, communities, and the Earth. Each Sunwink product was co-created with a person who inspires us and a Clinical Herbalist. 2% of net sales go to an organization chosen by the person who inspired this drink.
If this statement just spoke to your soul, then you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to read our core values below - as belief in these values is our ultimate criteria for candidates.

Core Values

●   Seen, Heard, Celebrated - We are committed to being a truly diverse and inclusive company. Your whole self and story is welcome, honored, and loved.
●   Make It Real - Authentic human connections and uncompromisingly real ingredients.
●   Fail Fabulously and Fearlessly - We are changing the industry for good. This means we will take risks and innovate. Naturally we will fail and we love that.
●   Do Right By Our Planet - Our relationship with our Earth is incredibly important to the success of our business and we intend to nurture it at every moment.
●   Uplift and Empower Relentlessly - Leave every interaction brighter than when you found it.