Summer Somewhere Wines

About Us
Summer Somewhere is a family run, local Malibu wine company with a love of bringing people together, celebrating all of life’s moments and remembering it’s always Summer Somewhere.  

We partner with exceptional vineyard sites in Santa Barbara County that advocate natural and organic growing practices and factor in soil, topography and climate to help elevate the quality of the fruit. We are thoughtfully minimalist when it comes to our production, creating high-quality, small batch selections.  

Our Tasting Room is located at Fred Segal Malibu and we're excited to announce a second location underway.  We view the Tasting Room an extension of our home where locals, regulars and visitors from afar can come to hang out with friends and family making memories while drinking some damn good wine. 

From our highly-rated rosé to our delectable whites and super coveted reds, our goal is to capture the small notes and magical moments creating an incredible taste and experience reminding you it's always Summer Somewhere. 

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