Straightaway Cocktails



About Us
We are a collection of cocktail, wine, beer and spirit makers out to have a good time and give everyone the ability to pour a world class cocktail.

Cy Cain and Casey Richwine, two fervent cocktail enthusiasts, began by making batch cocktails for friends and family. After six-years of honing their craft and perfecting their recipes, they opened Straightaway’s doors in December, 2018.

We bring people together over a great drink, a conversation, a connection.  We are a part of that unforgettable night out, or in.  We live to be in the memoirs of when they tried their new favorite drink, and the venue, city, country, they sipped us in.
We are in the business of providing astonishing cocktails to be enjoyed anytime, everywhere.
We are more in love with our customers than our product.  We remember our raving fans are the reason we exist, and they will be the reason we thrive.