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About Us
Stone Castle Vineyards and Winery a hidden gem in the heart of Rahovec Valley, is a private estate that comprises more than 5552 acres of premium vineyards and land. The Winery was built in 1952 and since 2006 it has been owned and operated by the Gecaj Family. To date the company has a wine making capacity of ten to thirteen million liters a year and the capacity to process approximately 70,000 tons of wine grape annually.

A big wave of investment and innovation valued over 15 million dollars has aided and advanced technological processing, professional training, revitalization of vines and much more.

Uniquely, there is an underground wine cellar with storage capacity of 50.000 HI in wooden barrels, all of which make it one of the largest privately owned wineries in Europe. Stone Castle Winery has current markets in the Balkans, Germany and Switzerland, as far as Africa, and now we are excited to be in the United States market.

Our winemaking starts in the vineyard, from the soil that nurtures the plants to the hands that work the vines to the sun and rain that feeds them. While hundreds of small decisions, are made by our winemakers in the winery, it is nothing compared to the thousands of decisions that are made in the vineyard, down to the first rough cut of each vine that determines the vigor and quality of the fruit.

For us, Stone Castle Vineyard & Winery conveys a special sense of place, history, a growing tradition and taste, made of a team of talented people who lay the foundation for nothing else than excellence
This is our story-the legacy of great vines to outstanding wines, produced in Kosovo with love.