Sproud North America LTD

About Us
Born in Malmö, Sweden in 2018, Sproud is an early-stage plant-based milk company whose high growth, bold ambitions and even bolder personality are causing global disruption of both the dairy and non-dairy set.  Sproud currently sells a range of plant-based milks made from yellow split peas, with more pea-based, non-dairy innovations on the horizon.

Sproud launched in North America in 2020 via national US distribution at Sprouts Farmers Market and national Canadian distribution at Loblaws.  Since that time, Sproud has continued to expand its North American footprint and team…hence, this job posting.

At Sproud, we believe it’s time to CTRL + ALT + DEL today’s dairy and non-dairy alternatives.  That’s why we pride ourselves on disrupting in the 3 areas that consumers care about most:
(1)  Taste: Sproud currently rates an amazing 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon, driven by the smooth, creamy texture and neutral flavor, making Sproud perfect in coffee or for drinking, blending or baking.  It’s been said that Sproud’s taste profile is the closest thing to dairy, which is why we proudly declare that Sproud is “Tasty as ***k”.

(2)  Nutrition: In addition to being vegan & plant-based, Sproud is superior on:
  • Protein: 5x Almond Milk, 3x Oat Milk
  • Carbs: 50% less sugar than dairy, 75% fewer carbs than Oat
  • Allergens: Sproud is lactose, nut, soy and gluten free

(3)  Sustainability: Sproud is THE lowest carbon footprint dairy or non-dairy alternative:
  • 75% lower footprint vs. dairy
  • 80% less water usage vs. Almond
  • Ambient supply chain: Being shelf-stable with a 12-month shelf-life reduces spoilage and our carbon footprint by 30% vs. chilled alternatives
  • Regenerative Farming: Yellow split peas put nitrogen back into the soil, rebuild soil’s organic matter and restore soil biodiversity, increasing soil productivity
At Sproud, we believe in:
  • BALANCE - working HARD, but having FUN.  Afterall, we were born in Sweden.
  • DISRUPTION – you’re not like other candidates and we don’t look or act like other plant-based brands, so let’s shake up what better-for-you/better-for-the-planet looks like.
  • Providing a COLLABORATIVE environment where people can LEARN, CONTRIBUTE and GROW
  • GIVING BACK – to our community, our partners and most importantly THE PLANET
  • Recruiting, hiring and INSPIRING incredible individuals to continue to fuel our growth 
Are you someone who shares our beliefs and is up to the challenge of playing a critical role in our fast-growing company?  Then keep reading to see how you can contribute…