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Posted January 19th

St. Rose - Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

Saint Rose, Louisiana

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Posted January 19th

St. Rose - Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

Saint Rose, Louisiana

What You Need To Know


The Facilities Manager is responsible for maintaining building operations by identifying environmental, operational, and occupational concerns; completing and controlling maintenance functions; ensuring equipment operation; maintaining building supplies; maintaining federal, state, and local building compliance; preparing building maintenance reports; supervising staff.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Clean and maintain all boilers and other major equipment
  • Supervise and participate in necessary painting and general repairs to plumbing, electrical, carpentry, windows, and general mechanical areas
  • Assist general mechanics in remodeling and renovation work
  • Assist in snow removal as needed
  • Supervise and participate in the general cleaning and maintenance of the facility
  • Order and receive supplies and equipment, and maintains necessary inventories
  • Oversee the general security of the facilities, including the fire safety of the buildings and perform emergency repair services as necessary
  • Conduct an ongoing program of general maintenance, upkeep, and repair
  • Setting up and tearing down of equipment during special events; e.g., graduation, conferences, concerts, etc

Additional Primary Responsibilities

  • Available to fire and police departments on a 24-hour call basis when building or ground alarms sound.
  • Establish and recommend, in cooperation with building administrators, priorities on repair projects and estimates the cost of these projects
  • Plan and oversee all maintenance and repair work, and develops an efficient system for dealing with emergency repair problems
  • Order materials as needed, and makes recommendations of supplies and equipment for purchase.
  • Regulating heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems to provide temperatures appropriate to the season and to ensure economical usage of fuel, water, and electricity
  • Consult with building principals regarding the establishment of regular preventative maintenance.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years of experience or equivalent education and related experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Strong organization, multi-tasking and time management skills

Physical Demands

  • Physical demands include a considerable amount of time sitting and typing/keyboarding, using a computer (e.g., keyboard, mouse, and monitor), or mobile device
  • Physical demands with activity or condition may occasionally include walking, bending, reaching, standing, squatting, and stooping
  • May require occasional lifting/lowering, pushing, carrying, or pulling up to 20lbs
Saint Rose, Louisiana