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Posted November 8th

POS Warehouse Clerk

Miami, Florida

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Posted November 8th

POS Warehouse Clerk

Miami, Florida

What You Need To Know


The Warehouse Worker POS is responsible for organize and issue point of sale materials for the purpose of marketing and merchandising SGWS brands.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain an effective and efficient warehouse and inventory management system
  • Effectively coordinate the logistical flow of point of sale display and merchandising material from supplier shipments to the Sales Team, including cross-dock locations
  • Establish and maintain accurate inventory records using an inventory program (receipts, on-hand, and relief)
  • Develop and maintain a professional business relationship with Sales Managers and Supplier Representatives
  • Maintain weekly receipt lists and ensure they are accurate and up to date
  • Create and manage a process for the sales representatives to request POS Effectively process, notify, and or distribute Fed Ex and UPS shipments
  • Develop a process for communicating with Marketing Managers on in-bound and out-bound merchandise
  • Communicate with Marketing Managers regarding monthly POS programs and allocations
  • Assist Sales Team with Sales Meeting preparation as needed
  • Establish and maintain regular, consistent information flow regarding POS programs involving suppliers and sales department management
  • Demonstrate company loyalty Cooperate with and assist peer and other dependents in attaining each other s objectives
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Miami, Florida