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Posted December 1st

Operations Coordinator

Saint Charles, Missouri

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Posted December 1st

Operations Coordinator

Saint Charles, Missouri

What You Need To Know


The Operations Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the daily manpower for the workplace, scheduling employee shifts and planning, assigning and supervising the work and dispatch crews.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Coordinate daily shipping for all orders including basic orders, collateral, and special assembly projects.
  • Arrange transportation according to routing guide
  • Analyze and review inventory to prevent overstock or shortage
  • Monitor data management to keep accurate product code, pricing and invoicing information
  • Analyze Point of Sales to get customer and demand information, and provide product availability information such as new products arrival or stock status
  • Create purchase orders in accordance with company policy
  • Ensures compliance with all transportation and vendor regulations to avoid any charge backs
  • Create Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), inspect physical return products in order to maintain the accurate inventory
  • Work closely with suppliers and customers to improve operations to reduce cost
  • Coordinate and manage Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in order to ensure that all system changes are processed as according to change control guidelines
  • Act as client liaison as needed for client communications related to invoice questions, billing, credit processing
  • Ensure compliance with Corporate and Operational Standard Operations Procedures.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Saint Charles, Missouri