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Posted December 1st

National Accounts Manager, CPWS - Cerritos, CA

Cerritos, California

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Posted December 1st

National Accounts Manager, CPWS - Cerritos, CA

Cerritos, California

What You Need To Know


Responsible for development of partnerships with current or potential accounts to promote the sale, pricing, supply, and service of SGWS products. Corporate Accounts are defined as accounts that are multi-unit, multi-market, cross regional boundaries and where the buying decision is made at the headquarters or business unit level.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Development of corporate account strategies and specific account plans designed to achieve Glazer objectives; Accountable for increasing beverage sales within current chain accounts while ensuring customer service through effective brand management, distribution, and program/pricing support
  • Development of sales strategies to cultivate the acquisition of new chain accounts through effective market research, call programs, and participation of the SGWS field sales force
  • Conduct market research on current and prospective accounts within each state; Define corporate/field objectives and accountabilities; recommend approach for achievement of state sales goals and specific account objectives; secures support from state/branch leadership for the implementation thereof
  • Provide sales tools to the field in support of corporate accounts including any applicable communications necessary for the achievement of business plan: national account pricing templates, corporate account program announcements, national account contact references and corporate account newsletter
  • Monitor the field implementation and execution of national programs within corporate accounts to ensure: product pricing and promotion in accordance with agreed upon terms and conditions; effective discount management; adherence to product ordering guidelines and procedures; and management of program deadlines
  • Monitor inventory levels to ensure product availability, replenishment, and distribution; Conducts spot checks on inventory and pricing for key accounts
  • Track sales for corporate accounts by unit, chain, dollars, and cases on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis; Identifies short and long-term account opportunities and creates related plans to leverage SGWS products/relationships
  • Partner with SGWS suppliers to identify and prospect chain account opportunities such as joint sales calls, product marketing/promotions, and business reviews; Solicit vendors for corporate account portfolios
  • Resolve corporate account customer problems; Respond to requests, investigates account questions/concerns, and removes barriers/hurdles that may impact Glazer s ability to provide high quality customer service
  • Perform other job related duties as assigned

Cerritos, California