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Posted December 1st

Mid Shift Warehouse Supervisor

Lakeland, Florida

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Posted December 1st

Mid Shift Warehouse Supervisor

Lakeland, Florida

What You Need To Know


The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for providing general supervision to employees in order fulfillment, distribution center. This role will also be responsible for receiving, storing, delivering items and securing the warehouse. The Warehouse Supervisor will use various operations reports to accurately record and measure metrics to ensure efficient production levels.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure the receiving, storage and restocking of product purchases from suppliers and other sources
  • Direct the filling, loading and checking of product orders for retail customers through the management of Warehouse Workers
  • Train new Warehouse Lead Workers or Warehouse Workers and ensures understanding of organization and operation policies and service guidelines
  • Ensure proper inventory, receiving, storage and billing and filling of orders to retail customers
  • Participate in the maintenance of accurate inventory through weekly inventory cycle counts and full physical inventories as directed
  • Supervise warehouse workers to ensure timely report of products billed to retailers but not shipped to issue timely preparation of credit memos
  • Coach, direct and counsel warehouse workers on overall performance
  • Define productivity expectations and monitors progress regularly
  • Conduct meetings with warehouse lead workers
  • Report on building security, vehicle security, warehouse loading productivity driver efficiency and check-in procedures/control
  • Direct the replenishment of items/quantities sold daily
  • Identify and recommends opportunities for employee development and performance improvement requirements
  • Participate in the recruitment and hiring of warehouse/delivery personnel
  • Assist with evening scheduling for night warehouse operations
  • Attend monthly safety meetings
  • Participate in the online training courses each quarter
  • Achieve all operational performance metrics as required
  • Maintain safe working environment according to company and OSHA regulations
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Lakeland, Florida