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Posted December 15th

Mgr Pricing SGWS MD

Baltimore, Maryland

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Posted December 15th

Mgr Pricing SGWS MD

Baltimore, Maryland

What You Need To Know


Develop and implement business strategies across the across the company. Responsible for managing the pricing process and developing strategic pricing recommendations, including analysis of pricing and product performance, modification to existing offerings, discount optimization, inventory tracking, and customer fill rates, to be presented to senior leadership.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create, maintain and distribute comprehensive reporting models, spreadsheets, trackers, and various reports for accounts and management
  • Analyze historical data from a variety of sources and use statistical modelling methods to derive insights into pricing strategies, and how they will impact profitability and sales volume
  • Partner with Sales Operations, and local commercial teams to create repeatable data processes to support scalable analytical process across multiple measurement solutions
  • Maintain pricing books and ensure accurate pricing
  • Identify errors on order transmissions and work to make the necessary corrections
  • Design and maintain a suite of reports and dashboards to monitor business performance, that inform decision making
  • Assist in the preparation of reports and content for executive discussions
  • Work with local pricing departments to ensure current and future pricing
  • Develop and maintain models used to predict the impact of pricing actions and triangulate root causes of fill rate issues
  • Identify and highlight key strategic considerations surrounding each pricing request
  • Define new business procedures, evaluate resource requirements and stimulate implementation or maintenance of pricing system

Additional Primary Responsibilities

  • Consolidate and manage pricing knowledge over time to provide even greater context for pricing decisions
  • Manage total pricing procedure, enhance processes to make most of the efficiencies, and ensure timely reporting
  • Analyze the financial impact of price approach given overall history as well as the profitability of customer
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Baltimore, Maryland