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Posted May 5th

Manager Tableau - OPEN TO REMOTE

Union City, California

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Posted May 5th

Manager Tableau - OPEN TO REMOTE

Union City, California

What You Need To Know


Do you love building world class BI & Analytics products to drive business growth & strategy forward? Do you get excited by solving problems, analyzing trends, creating solutions and do you have a 
unique ability to create order out of chaos? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is a great opportunity for you.

Enterprise Insights & Analytics (EIA) Team at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS) is looking for a Tableau Manager to lead the operations and dashboard development for enterprise-wide Tableau deployment.  
his position will oversee the development and delivery of strategic insights and technical solutions using Tableau, partnering with the cross functional teams, EIA, and ETP (IT organization). 

The Tableau Manager will have expertise in BI & Analytics technology solution development solving business-critical problems and providing insight to end users with data & analytics.  
This role will lead a team of one or more BI Analysts and will prioritize/plan the work based on the business priorities and active projects.  Primary responsibilities include leading user enablement 
support including onboarding, licensing, training, communication, newsletters, support tickets, and events as well as leading specific Tableau dashboard development projects.  The role involves developing 
next generation analytical/reporting solutions to drive strategic business value for the company as well as looking for opportunities to automate and standardize reports/dashboards. 

The position will contribute business objective development and milestone planning as well as coach direct reports on career development and growth.  Qualified candidates possess deep understanding of the 
latest technology and infrastructure trends and have effectively led a team of direct reports.

Primary Responsibilities

•    Drive strategy and direction of user experience through user engagement
•    Oversee all operational activities related to Tableau
•    Plan and host events
•    Onboard new users and manage licensing
•    Ensure users have adequate training resources including video tutorials, training guides, documentation for workbooks, in-person trainings and webinars
•    Work with users on case studies to analyze and showcase the ROI of Tableau projects
•    Develop and manage visual reports, KPI scorecards, and dashboards in Tableau Desktop using the industry best practices and design guidelines
•    Lead solution design and design sessions, ensuring data, reporting, visualization, and technical/functional requirements are met
•    Ensure each solution design and development effectively solves the business problem and ties the results to business objectives/value
•    Create and maintain technical design artifacts such as data model, wireframes, mockups, calculations, business rules, etc. 
•    Design and develop high performing data sources using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep
•    Deliver data source requirements to ETP for developing the SQL views in centralized data layer called OneSource, hosted on Redshift 
•    Develop high performing reports and dashboards for both internal and external users, ensuring on-time completion
•    Build data sources to be used for further analysis by consolidating data from multiple source systems using Tableau Prep, Alteryx, or custom SQL.
•    Implement row-level security on data and have an understanding of application security layer models 
•    Transition existing reports and dashboards to interactive/automated/standardized dashboards using Tableau 
•    Perform data/gap analysis, data mining, and testing duties as needed, working with end users and project teams during the design, development, testing and implementation of modifications to systems
•    Support functional testing/QA and user acceptance testing (UAT)
•    Effectively present information, tell stories with data, and respond to questions from business partners and stakeholders
•    Identify opportunities to solve for business problem and/or redesign BI and analytics solutions to achieve improved business results
•    Plan project tasks for the team within various phases including assessments, analysis, requirements, design/development, testing using project management tools such as
•    Understand and communicate design/development best practices, reinforcing standard business process concepts and methodology with the partnering teams
•    Build, lead, manage, and coach high performing teams for business intelligence & analytics
•    Ensure the team have appropriate direction, leadership, and balance between short-term and long-term strategy
•    Ensure adherence to technical architecture standards

Additional Primary Responsibilities

Required Skills:
•    Extensive experience with visualization designand development using Tableau
•    Experience developing advanced visualizations to tell compelling data stories and driving business value
•    Experience with managing analysts/developers and coaching in career development and growth 
•    Experience in training direct reports and contractors on UX design, data source designing, and dashboard development best practices
•    Analytical thinking for translating data into informative reports and advanced visualizations
•    Expert in using advanced-level calculations on the data set using custom SQL and Tableau
•    Proficient in translating business requirements into data model and visualization design 
•    Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills combined with strong business judgment and an ability to clearly present results
•    Strong understanding of KPIs, metrics, dimensional data, hierarchy structures
•    Proficient in writing complex SQL queries including joining data across multiple sources
•    Proficient in working with data files in various formats, flat files, CSV, JSON, XML, etc.
•    Strong knowledge and experience with on-premises vs cloud-based data sources
•    Strong understating of various types of data connections such as ODBC, JDBC, Live vs Extract, etc.
•    Experience using Tableau Prep and Alteryx for data sourcing
•    Experience working with Amazon Redshift
•    Knowledge of complex data models, data mappings, BI methodologies, data architecture principals such as metadata, dimensional database, relational database, etc.
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to work well with people of different backgrounds and skill sets
•    Ability to work independently as well in a team and solve problems

Minimum Qualifications

•    Masters or Bachelors in a technical field such as business analytics, computer science, mathematics, or engineering is preferred
•    7+ years of experience in business intelligence & analytics
•    5+ years of hands-on interactive visualization development experience with Tableau 
•    5+ years of experience with databases, data warehouse, data lake on-prem and Cloud based
•    3+ years of experience managing direct reports and distributed project teams
•    2+ years of experience in leading project teams
•    2+ years of experience with writing SQL scripts 
•    At least two Tableau certifications 

Preferred Experience, Skills and Education:
•    Master’s degree
•    Experience with cloud-based analytical platforms (Redshift, Azure, Snowflake, Big Query)
•    Experience working with AWS Redshift/S3 
•    Experience with Agile development practices.
•    1+ years of experience writing Python scripts 

Physical Demands

Union City, California