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Posted December 1st

Manager -Customer Development - Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville, Arkansas

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Posted December 1st

Manager -Customer Development - Bentonville, Arkansas

Bentonville, Arkansas

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The Customer Development Manager provides Insight & Analytic support to our retail customers, suppliers and account teams and will assist in identifying opportunities and making recommendations that deliver category and customer growth.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with teams to ensure superior client satisfaction by providing hands-on deep analytics and contribute to team problem solving through findings
  • Stay informed of analytic best practices across the industry and provide effective information for assigned commodities in the pursuit to deliver sales, margin, and market development goals
  • Track category performance, including but not limited to: sales, profits, margins, market share
  • Develop, communicate, execute, and monitor specific performance metrics and goals relevant to each business as part of regular, scheduled business reviews (including the supplier's role in continuous improvement tied to product portfolio management, cost reductions, supply chain improvements, etc.)
  • Create and deliver effective reports using POS data, Syndicated Data (Nielsen/IRI), and account-specific database information to the key managers in presentation-ready formats
  • Gather category, consumer, and shopper data to help identify opportunities at the customer level to improve category sales through optimal assortment and shelving
  • Analyze appropriate supply chain to evaluate and make recommendations on supplier performance to enhance the company's inventory logistics objectives
  • Understand and apply customer, consumer and industry insights using market research data to deliver category growth
  • Create and deliver analytic excellence by providing advanced analytics using a variety of techniques and available data sources and managing data sources to monitor the field execution of vendor programs
  • Operate as the single point of contact for customers, with an understanding of category strategies and overall business objectives, enabling on-going credible customer interaction
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Bentonville, Arkansas