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Posted December 10th

Katy, TX - Transportation Supervisor

Katy, Texas

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Posted December 10th

Katy, TX - Transportation Supervisor

Katy, Texas

What You Need To Know


The Distribution Supervisor is responsible for assisting the Distribution Manager with driver calls, customer calls, new driver training, maintenance of equipment, and all aspects of the transportation department.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring all drivers meet DOT and CMV requirements
  • Responsible for overseeing the delivery of the product to the customer
  • Ensures new drivers are trained and ensures understanding of organization and operation policies and service guidelines
  • Responsible for maintaining the Road Net software
  • Ensures that the fleet is maintained properly, including all maintenance and safety-related issues
  • Coach directs and counsel s drivers on overall performance via driver surveys & customer surveys
  • Ensure productivity expectations are met and monitors progress regularly
  • Identify and recommends opportunities for driver development and performance improvement requirements
  • Participate in the recruitment and hiring of all drivers
  • Field driver calls and facilitates actions as necessary
  • Train all transportation employees on SGWS policies
  • Conduct monthly safety training/meetings are conducted, per SGWS Safety Policy
  • Ensure all drives have all required DOT/CMV certifications
  • Ensure all accidents are handled and reported, according to company policy
  • Ensure all route changes are communicated daily
  • Monitor driver s schedules to maintain adequate staffing levels daily
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Katy, Texas