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Posted October 5th

Katy, TX - Safety Manager

Katy, Texas

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Posted October 5th

Katy, TX - Safety Manager

Katy, Texas

What You Need To Know


The Safety Manager is responsible for providing safety support to the SGWS facilities including warehouse and transportation operations. The Safety Manager position requires a combination of regulatory knowledge and technical expertise.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyze safety metrics such as audit reports, injury data, leading and trailing indicators, training programs, safety surveys etc. which will lead towards formulating conclusions and recommendations
  • Coordinates and organizes key Safety committee meetings and initiatives including preparation of topics, meeting minutes and drafting of reports
  • Ensure timely and accurate preparation and submission of all required reporting to federal, state and local agencies
  • Review regulations and determine or seek assistance with applicability determinations
  • Interface with regulatory agencies, prepare required documentation, schedule any required testing and provide additional follow-up documentation as required
  • Lead or participate in investigation of incidents, implement system improvements to reduce potential for future events
  • Lead and participate in 1st party Safety audits and the STOP observation program
  • Assist the operations team and act as the gatekeeper for all LMS and classroom training process including regulatory by compiling data and analyzes past and current year training requirements
  • Help organizes toolbox and regulatory training manuals, reference library, testing and evaluation procedures, multimedia visual aids and other educational materials and maintains records and prepares monthly statistical reports to evaluate performance of LMS and classroom training
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Katy, Texas