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Posted October 27th

HVOE Agent

Tampa, Florida

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Posted October 27th

HVOE Agent

Tampa, Florida

What You Need To Know


The Customer Care Accounts Receivable Representative assists customers in response to inquiries about products and services. Assists customer with placing product orders.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist specific customers in the division with key back-office processes (e.g., accounts receivable, order processing, customer service, etc.); work in conjunction with National Call Center (NCC) back-office resources who will be performing similar functions
  • Resolve internal and external customer issues by returning/acknowledging phone calls and emails in a timely manner and providing responses and resolution in a reasonable amount of time
  • Work with NCC Credit Corrections to secure product credits
  • Answer questions for accounts involved in the accounts receivable process
  • Research accounts and communicate to customers the reason for open invoices, short pays, and open credits and document accounts accordingly
  • Enter and process payments in AS400 brought into the site from customers and address any payment related issues directly with the Salesforce and customers
  • Follow up on general customer collections as requested by National Call Center Accounts Receivable (A/R), utilizing the established delinquency, aging and collection letter and follow up guidelines
  • Work with customers, Salesforce, and NCC Accounts Receivable to complete necessary paperwork and forward to the A/R Supervisor
  • Research and provide documentation for internal and external audits
  • Assist with research of any missing invoices
  • Assist with completion of the applicable IRS form to report cash payments over $10,000
  • Maintain effective and consistent communication with Sales Force and employees at NCC
  • Answer general Sales Force questions and resolve issues related to A/R
  • Provide invoice copies, monthly statements, and other document/information requests
  • Monitor and balance petty cash
  • Process credits on product returned to the warehouse by drivers or through pickup slips
  • Separate saleable and non-saleable credits for submission to Accounting for processing
  • Process discount debits/credits when approved by pricing and verify all debits/credits processed the prior day
  • Process incoming orders from customers
  • Assist sales force with issues relating to order submission (e.g. Topaz issues)
  • Answer general order inquiries, providing first level support, and minimizing call transfers
  • Process pickups and returns per the established pickup and return policy
  • Stay abreast of state-specific alcoholic beverage laws and state listings laws
  • Cross-train with Cashier and Customer Service team members to serve as a backup when needed
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Tampa, Florida