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Posted December 1st

Financial Accountant

Union City, California

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Posted December 1st

Financial Accountant

Union City, California

What You Need To Know


The Financial Accountant is responsible for supporting financial decision-making information by collecting, analyzing, investigating, and reporting financial data.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Compiles and analyzes account data to create capital, liability, and asset account entries
  • Enters account details to document financial transactions
  • Analyzes accounting alternatives to suggest financial actions
  • Collects data to summarize current financial status
  • Prepares profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and other documents
  • Audits records to substantiate financial transactions
  • Prepares and recommends procedures and policies by maintaining accounting controls
  • Coordinates activities and answers questions to guide accounting clerical staff
  • Collects and examines account information necessary to reconcile financial discrepancies
  • Completes database backups to secure financial information
  • Follows internal controls to ensure financial security
  • Verifies documentation, requests expenditures, and prepares disbursements
  • Researches and interprets accounting regulations and policies to resolve procedural questions
  • Studies current and new legislation to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local financial regulations
  • Advises management on necessary operations to enforce adherence to legal requirements
  • Gathers, interprets, and compiles account trends and data to create specialized financial reports
  • Ensures client confidentiality by keeping financial information secure
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Union City, California