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Posted November 17th

Employee Relations Partner

Baltimore, Maryland

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Posted November 17th

Employee Relations Partner

Baltimore, Maryland

What You Need To Know


The Employee Relations Partner provides strategic human capital support that aligns with priorities of the business. Establishes and drives the Employee Relations Center of Excellence (COE). Reports directly to the Regional Director, Employee Relations and conducts prompt, thorough, objective, and confidential employee and grievance investigations. Assists in field management by interpreting and applying company policies and procedures, as well as any applicable collective bargaining agreements as they relate to legal compliance, labor relations, and employee issues.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide employee and labor relations support in partnership with the Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) and other Human Resources (HR) Centers of Excellence (CoE) to ensure proper handling of various issues
  • Assist in resolving, coaching, and guiding managers through employee/labor relations issues in partnership with HRBP to ensure compliance with company policies and/or collective bargaining agreements
  • Act as the primary investigator of employee complaints and grievances within assigned client groups
  • Conduct prompt, thorough, and objective workplace investigations of complaints of misconduct and/or policy violations, as assigned by the HR Regional Leadership, utilizing proven and acceptable investigative techniques and in accordance with company policy and procedures and applicable collective bargaining agreements
  • Conduct in-person, on-site interviews with complainant(s), witnesses, and individuals against whom complaints are filed, to gather and analyze the facts associated with the complaints
  • Provide findings and recommendations to Regional HR Leadership and Legal counsel based on investigative fact-finding and analysis
  • Review investigation findings with relevant parties and monitor workplace to ensure compliance with recommendations
  • Partner with HRBP and other HR COE to ensure proper handling of employee complaints and workplace issues
  • Develop and provide employee/labor relations training to field managers (e.g. TIPPS training, Just Cause Training, etc.)
  • Facilitate Joint Labor Management Meetings and, where applicable, Joint Council grievance hearings, and participate in ad-hoc negotiations of Letters of Understandings and other formal/informal agreements with labor unions
  • Investigate and recommend resolutions to resolve grievances between the grieving employee/union and the company
  • Provide the HR support to business leaders and the legal department in collective bargaining sessions
  • End-to-end responsibility and execution of reductions in force and terminations in partnership with the HRBP for the client group
  • Administration and delivery of performance improvement plans and disciplinary actions via corrective action/performance management in accordance with company policies and ABC compliance
  • Responsible for employee files along with regular employee file audits and maintenance of I-9 documentation
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Baltimore, Maryland