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Posted November 19th

EIA Director, Special Projects

Miramar, Florida

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Posted November 19th

EIA Director, Special Projects

Miramar, Florida

What You Need To Know


As SGWS transitions from the disparate and local solutions to enterprise class, standardized data and analytics, the need to evaluate and rationalize local solutions will continue and the iterative effort to migrate users to established standards will require significant knowledge of the business and BI technologies. It is critical for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS) to establish expertise around these transformational initiatives to work with the sites and markets and collaborate with them to migrate them to established standards; this requires a strong business project manager who understands the W&S business and BI technologies to work with the sites and functional owners to review current state and develop and implement future state solutions.

The EIA director of special projects will be responsible for leveraging their knowledge and experience to understand current state and solutions, collaborate with the sites, ETP, DMG, and functional owners to establish a set of enterprise standards and BI best practices and migrate the sites to these standards. In addition, the business project manager will work within EIA to identify optimal analytics and BI solutions for business users, suppliers, and retailers. Strong experience in rolling out enterprise reports, and governance, conducting gap analysis, and identifying alternate solutions is highly desired. The role requires very strong collaboration and communication skills and the ability to work across multiple groups and functions. Must have strong BI experience with a passion for the wine and spirits category.

Primary Responsibilities

•    Program and project managing and providing oversight to enterprise reporting and analytics projects initiated by EIA, the business or other enterprise functions
•    Supporting program management and execution on regional and local strategic optimization and performance improvement efforts
•    Provide accurate insights on live program performance and evaluate ROI on key initiatives
•    Follow established reporting and documentation standards to ensure uniformity throughout the organization 
•    Act as the subject matter expert on SGWS core business, challenges, and opportunities, across EIA projects, providing guidance on strategy and options to best serve the business.
•    Track, review, verify, analyze and report accurate results to Commercial leadership and/or field team promptly
•    Provide guidance where applicable to identify system deficiencies and analyze problems/possible solutions
•    Evaluate past program success/failure trends; use trend analysis to advise stakeholders on proposed programs
•    Analyze data available to anticipate potential issues & proactively model potential solutions 
•    Advise stakeholders on reporting results and provide options for the strategic direction
•    Develop customer/account modeling and analysis: account segmentation, channel strategy, cost-to-serve analytics, ROI, etc. 
•    Support operational efficiencies and cost savings initiatives (e.g., supplier/SKU optimization, variable service, and delivery levels/fees, etc.)
•    Streamline established Business Intelligence reporting to align with standards & processes
•    Provide support to Leadership with ad hoc reporting needs and provide accurate and timely results consistent with state/region/national standards  
•    Champion national analytical tools as appropriate (i.e., OneSource, Compass, SalesNav, CPR, NSM, Tableau, BO, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications
•    Knowledge of solutions like NSM, OTC, RTM, routing, and similar enterprise solutions used in the field
•    Knowledge of field operations and analytics, including how data and analytics are used in the sites to grow the business and provide insights to senior leadership 
•    Experience with syndicated data like Nielsen, IRI, etc. and using these data to develop insights
•    Strong knowledge of analytics, reporting and BI solutions used to manage local and control states markets 
•    Strong knowledge of how enterprise analytics tools like BO, Tableau, and Compass are used in the sites and local markets
•    Knowledge of solutions like SET, Go Spot Check, and similar capabilities
•    Experience with predictive analytics using internal and external data to deliver insights
•    Knowledge of key database concepts, data models, relationships between different types of data 
•    Knowledge of Informatica Data Quality Standards, guidelines, & best practices

Miramar, Florida