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Posted May 9th

Distribution Router

Saint Rose, Louisiana

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Posted May 9th

Distribution Router

Saint Rose, Louisiana

What You Need To Know


The Distribution Router is responsible for scheduling and dispatch drivers for conveyance of products via radio, telephone, or computer to transmit assignments and compiling statistics and reports on work progress.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all Customer Service delivery and route set-up but not limited to Roadnet, and Mobile Cast software systems
  • Responsible for all other maintenance required for the efficient operation of software systems (e.g., Roadnet, Mobile Cast)
  • Works with branch driver supervisors to coordinate large special orders and to equalize the loads and stops on the route trucks
  • Works with Customer Service and Corporate information systems for nightly billing and end-of-day reports
  • Responsible for the printing and distribution of any reports extracted from software systems
  • Provide loading information to night supervisors as required
  • Route/dispatch an average of 17+ truck routes on a daily basis
  • Coordinate driver's routes according to customer requests, geographic considerations, and in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and company policies
  • Notify drivers and warehouse supervision and/or management of schedules and assignments
  • Operate an automated routing computer system (e.g., RoadNet) and track schedules, changes in assignments/routes, and maintain follow-up information
  • Track and input driver mileage and hours within the recordkeeping system
  • Partner with the sales force and customer assistance to resolve shipping/delivery discrepancies or concerns regarding product arrival status
  • Make on-demand decisions to resolve issues efficiently with the least disruption to the dispatched route and customer
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Additional Primary Responsibilities

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalency plus 1 years of experience
  • 21 years or older
  • Experience working in Routing/Dispatch department
  • Knowledge with local metropolitan area and extensive understanding of local market's geography

Physical Demands

  • Physical demands include a considerable amount of time walking, bending, reaching, standing, squatting, and stooping
  • Additional hours may be required during October, November, and December and other peak periods
  • May require working at heights of 8 feet or greater
  • May require lifting/lowering, pushing, carrying, or pulling up to 56lbs


This position is deemed a safety-sensitive position.  As such, any person who is given a conditional offer of employment will be required to pass a drug test, including a marijuana test.

Saint Rose, Louisiana