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Posted December 1st

Director Enterprise Resiliency Programs

Miramar, Florida

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Posted December 1st

Director Enterprise Resiliency Programs

Miramar, Florida

What You Need To Know


This position reports to the Senior Director, National Business Continuity. It is a highly visible position that will collaborate with staff at all levels of the organization to implement a comprehensive Business Continuity program to enable Southern Glazer’s to efficiently plan for and respond to a business interruption event. The responsibilities of this position include coordinating the design, development, maintenance, and testing of the Business Continuity plans for all critical functional areas and business processes. This “hands-on” role includes being tactical in conducting organizational research; performing business impact analyses; developing program policies, writing detailed continuity plans and procedures; coordinating testing and exercise activities; building training curriculums; and distributing outreach and awareness communications. 

Primary Responsibilities

  • Owns the “Project Resilience” enterprise continuity project portfolio, responsible for the management and development of a comprehensive set of detailed Business Continuity plans and incident response playbooks for all critical corporate functional areas
  • Work with functional leadership teams to provide business continuity leadership and subject matter expertise to conduct business impact assessments, identify critical processes, define recovery objectives, and map critical interdependencies for all critical business processes
  • Perform risk analyses of all functional areas to identify points of vulnerability, single-points-of-failure, and evaluate risk avoidance, mitigation strategies, and resiliency initiatives
  • Create strategies and tactical activities to assess the operational resiliency, readiness, viability, and weaknesses of all Business Continuity plans, protocols, and procedures
  • Respond to business interruption events and assist functional leadership teams with the expedient recovery of impacted business processes by coordinating all required response, recovery, and resumption activities which includes the execution of all relevant Business Continuity plans

  • Perform regular reviews and updates of all program materials to ensure that the quality, accuracy, and relevancy of all program documentation is consistently maintained as per corporate standards
  • Proactively research and incorporate both industry standards and best practices into the Business Continuity program as appropriate
  • Support the development of the enterprise Crisis Management Center which will be the centralized location for the execution of all Business Continuity plans in the event of a business interruption incident
  • Develop and execute Business Continuity outreach and awareness efforts to ensure current methodologies, best practices, roles, and responsibilities are communicated all stakeholders
  • Develop policies, procedures, templates, standards, and documentation in support of the deployment, management, and sustainability of a centralized corporate continuity program
  • Perform continuous monitoring of all program activities and identify areas of opportunity for improvement, cost reduction, innovation, automation, and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Monitor and ensure the accuracy, quality, security, and usability of all systems and data which comprise the Business Continuity systems platforms

Miramar, Florida