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Posted December 19th

Director - B2B Services


Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits



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Posted December 19th

Director - B2B Services

Job Description


The role develops and drives the strategic data sharing vision for Customer and Supplier stakeholders. In this role the individual is a strategic technology partner who can stimulate, surface and shape business strategy and demand for solutions, projects and services while ensuring the business value is captured, optimized and communicated.


• Maintains and develops strong understanding of functional partner needs and strategic priorities.

• Mentors, develops, motivates and coaches teams to work collaboratively and effectively

• Provides viable design and platform options for the integration of data between external stakeholders and SGWS

• Analyzes middleware applications to support business processes and functions within specified steady state and project requirements.

• Works cross functionally across ETP and outside of ETP with key business stakeholders of SGWS

• Works closely with the technical application development teams to drive continuous improvement and efficiency.

• Owns, develops and maintains business capability maturity maps and assessments for long term technology planning and investment.

• Applies significant knowledge of industry trends, developments, and capabilities to address and improve business capabilities.

• Develops ROI analysis to help justify and maximize business and IT investments.

• Develops budget and manages work to budget

• Ensures that solutions and services deliver at or above expected business value.

• Translates business needs into effective and improved processes and/or technical solutions or services coordinating with associated technology partners both internally and externally.

• Implements a successful data sharing vision/strategy through strong leadership skills and business case development that ensures the realization of business-partner value.

• Identifies and translates functional needs and goals into business case driven strategic roadmaps and executable portfolios of activities to achieve the business outcomes

• Keeps abreast of technological changes, trends and innovations in the information business applications/systems field and provides technical support and direction.

• Participates in industry peer groups to understand industry trends and implements and recommends best practice solutions.

• Drives process and technology changes throughout the organization in support of business objectives.

• Monitors technology investment, risk, and opportunity while providing clear and consistent communication to Sr. IT leadership.

• Expands adoption of existing technology, where appropriate, to leverage enterprise solutions that meet or exceed business-partner demands.

• Manages and responds to business-partner feedback to enable continuous improvement.

• Proactively advises on technology options and innovation for the business

• Serves as a partner in provider leadership for technology solutions and implementations.

• Communicate effectively up and down the organizational hierarchy in IT and business executive leadership

• Develops and recommends changes to systems, policies and procedures

• Creates measures for successful execution, including policies, processes, procedures and controls

• Proactively works with IT Architecture team to design a robust, flexible set of services and capabilities that are efficient and cost effective.

• Educate ETP and business stakeholders on relevant technology capabilities to enable better IT solutions

• Optimize operations to make doing business with us easy.

• Establish standardized processes and tools to drive efficiencies.



• Bachelor's degree and formal education in relevant disciplines (Business, Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science, Mathematics, Finance or relevant degreed)

• 8+ years related experience in technology management, customer relationship management and staff management

• Ability to work with multiple technologies, aptitude for new technologies and ability to effectively apply technological solutions to business problems

• Proven experience in planning, organization, implementation and development of applications or infrastructure

• Ability to provide strong leadership and timely/effective performance feedback

• Exceptional written and oral communications

• Experience presenting, escalating, and providing solutions to senior leadership with ability to articulate ideas to both technical and non-technical language

• Executive presence

• Thought Leadership

• Exceptional organizational skills; proven ability to multi-task

• Able to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information

• Measures personal success through impact on business results, and client service

• Able to stand back from immediate problems in order to focus on more far reaching ideas

• Develops a strategic plan to realize the SGWS information sharing vision

• Revises and adjusts strategy in light of changing circumstances

• Takes a long-term view of organizational success

• Ability to function in multiple roles simultaneously, and demonstrates key attributes for working at the next level of seniority

• Ability to lead a team environment with Agile delivery values

• Agile Delivery Values

o Openness - Team and stakeholders agree to be open about all work and challenges

o Commitment - Personally commit to achieving the goals of the team

o Respect - Respect your team members to be capable and independent

o Courage - You have courage to do the right thing and work on tough problems

o Focus - Everyone focus on the work in the sprint and the goal of the scrum team. Rise and fall as a team

• Experience managing multiple medium to large projects across multiple functions including planning, analysis, design, development, implementation and satisfaction of project requirements

• Experience managing and mentoring team members including providing stretch opportunities and coaching to develop team and deliver results

• Proven experience successfully managing business and technical resources under an integrated project plan to ensure the alignment of resources

• Experience managing a variety of viewpoints to build consensus and create positive outcomes for all parties.

• Skilled in resolving conflict, as well as, managing business partner's expectations.

• Proven record of focusing on building trusted relationship with those responsible for execution

• Ability to quickly assess activities for areas of risk, identify gaps and recommend areas for improvement

• Experience as an exceptional facilitator including light-touch facilitation

• Ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships.

• Skilled in effectively presenting ideas to Senior Leadership via discussions and presentations.

• Ability to communicate technical or complex subject matter in business terms.

• Strong understanding of data, information management and end-user-reporting tools.

• Experience working with all levels and functions within an organization,

• Skilled in dealing with a variety of abstract and concrete variables.

• Strong team player with willingness to collaborate

• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

• Expertise in performing systems / application integration tasks

• Expertise in translating requirements into systems / application integration solutions

• Excellent time management skills (i.e. works efficiently)

• Strong attention to detail

• Experience with messaging technology, data exchange between systems, and performance considerations for data integration

• Good understanding of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts and principles, including API-based messaging and integration technology functions


• Graduate Degree (MBA, MIS or equivalent curriculum)


• Domestic travel, up to 30%