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Posted January 19th

Data Strategy Senior Analyst

Miami, Florida

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Posted January 19th

Data Strategy Senior Analyst

Miami, Florida

What You Need To Know

As SGWS transitions from the analog world of the past to a digitally enabled future, the acceptable levels of data quality from internal users, suppliers, customers, and 3rd party partners will continue to increase. It is critical for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS) to establish and maintain robust data governance processes and systems to ensure accurate data and reporting.  The enterprise-wide Data Management Group function is focused on driving data integrity by establishing data standards and accountability, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, and implementing the required monitoring tools.  The Data Management function orchestrates data governance across sites, regions, and functions to enable and maintain best-in-class data quality for all users (customers, suppliers, vendors, sales representatives, and 3rd party partners).


The Data Strategy Senior Analyst is responsible for being both technical and business focused with regards to Strategic Data Management and is responsible for providing support in designing, implementing, and managing data governance processes and best practices.  This position will analyze data across multiple systems, in order to ensure process and data integrity, as well as data quality. This individual performs root-cause analysis on data related system problems and recommends or executes corrective action.


The Data Strategy Senior Analyst identifies and implements process improvements in relation to data processes by working with business partners, data stewards, technology partners, and domain owners to do so. This individual recommends ways to strengthen data integrity, quality, and availability across the enterprise.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Collaborate across data processes (master and beyond) and data domains to ensure all business needs are met
  • Collaborate functionally across business process, data, and system domains to ensure all needs are met with respect to corporate master data and market-level data
  • Generate and record ideas for improvement
  • Actively contribute to the results of a team and works towards achieving team goals and objectives
  • Identify / receive problem, develop hypothesized solutions, research alternatives, run tests to confirm, present synthesized outcomes and recommendations
  • Utilize analytical tools and routines to maintain and improve the quality and integrity of the company’s data and processes
  • Perform root cause analysis of process and system problems pre- and post-implementation and for existing production processes and systems

Additional Primary Responsibilities

  • Create documentation of business processes, training procedures, and standard operating procedures
  • Support the development and implementation of capabilities to improve, monitor, and audit data quality within the reporting and analytics environment
  • Work proactively across the organization to identify data sources, data users, and data processes
  • Research Data Management and Governance industry trends and best practices
  • Remain up-to-date on the latest data management strategies and tools throughout the beverage industry
  • Generate and create reports; research and analyze data, and report trends to management

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • 3+ years’ combined experience with business process, data management, business intelligence
  • Experience of Data Management frameworks, processes and technologies
  • Background in technology including understanding of technology architecture and strategy
  • Demonstrates foundational competency in: Understanding and correcting data discrepancies; reading and translating data models; data querying; identifying data anomalies and root cause analysis; understanding of and capability to explain Data Management and Governance
  • Strong team player with willingness to continuously learn and collaborate across the organization
  • Proficiency in SQL, Tableau and/or Alteryx
  • Proficiency in Data Profiling tools (e.g. Informatica IDQ, Enterprise Data Catalog)

Physical Demands

Miami, Florida