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Posted November 11th

Customer Service Representative II

Cerritos, California

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Posted November 11th

Customer Service Representative II

Cerritos, California

What You Need To Know


The Customer Care Representative II provides information to customers in response to inquiries about products and services. Assists customers in placing product orders.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Answer inquiries regarding customers' accounts
  • Keypunch supplier and sample withdrawals
  • Enter financial data into company records; issue credit and debit memos
  • Handle returned mail
  • Research shortage and miss-shipped claims
  • Process/enter orders and pick-ups
  • Handle call volume from the customer service queue
  • Process winery direct orders
  • Responsible for scanning and indexing customer credit files into the imaging system
  • Add/drop partners, self-incorporated accounts, and inactive systems.
  • Identify outdated, obsolete, and duplicate documents from customer files
  • Handle all salespersons changes at the beginning of each month
  • Research returned mail with an incorrect address and make the necessary corrections
  • Handle delivery claims, logs (shortage claims, miss ships, etc.), and error files
  • Pull faxes and invoices off the printer and distribute to appropriate desks; communicate with Salesforce, customers, and Accounts Receivables
  • Perform the job following company and departmental policies and procedures
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Cerritos, California