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Posted September 21st

Chain Account Executive CPWS - Bellevue, WA / Diageo Add

Bellevue, Washington

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Posted September 21st

Chain Account Executive CPWS - Bellevue, WA / Diageo Add

Bellevue, Washington

What You Need To Know


The Regional Chains Account Executive develops and implements sales strategies, tactics, and marketing plans for sale of Southern Glazer s represented Suppliers in assigned On-Premise account. This role also monitors execution of customer programming, promotions, and pricing strategies to ensure attainment of chain goals and objectives and works with Suppliers and Southern Glazer State Management to develop/execute account specific sales and marketing plans.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage the development of customer specific business plans to include the definition and integration of state, account, and supplier goals/objectives
  • Direct the analysis of market share, consumer trends, and competitive practices by chain and by market; manage the account specific evaluation of business opportunities/gaps and category management strategies for achievement of approved goals
  • Guide the development of fiscal objectives for brands, accounts, and markets; formulate sales and marketing tactics designed to promote market share, increase sales volume, and strengthen case distribution
  • Ensure the integration of fiscal supplier goals and planned account goals with state level programming and promotion business plans; secure agreement on pricing approach, standards, and process/procedures
  • Provide business analytics and best practice data to the state execution managers; leverages fact-based data to influence chain direction and enhance SGWS s position within the account
  • Monitor execution of programs, pricing, and promotions by account/by market to ensure achievement of stated goals; compare actual performance to SGWS, Supplier, and account goals and take corrective action where required
  • Accountable for the accurate and timely management, documentation, delivery of pricing to the account and evaluates/develops procedures for accuracy and data synchronization
  • Direct the co-managed team on the implementation product purchasing and inventory management in accordance with regional account agreements including but not limited to: forwards buys, quantity buying, program end buys, multi-state buys and label promotions; ensure clear and accurate report of product availability and distribution via the co-managed process
  • Manage the execution of club layouts, and merchandising of product at the chain level within each state
  • Conduct regular business reviews with state leadership, assigned accounts, and suppliers to report: distribution, sales, and program status; progress in or barriers to goal achievement; and forecasts/plans for subsequent performance periods
  • Investigate and resolve service issues associated with assigned accounts; secures agreements relative to: product availability, delivery, pulls; promotion and programming performance; pricing discrepancies; and quality of market execution; responds to account and Supplier questions, concerns, and/or complaints
  • Manage the selection, development, motivation, and retention of the co-managed staff required to grow and develop the business; ensure company policies and procedures are supported throughout the sales, marketing, and branch organizations; encourages and protect diversity
  • Ensure proper communication of corporate initiatives, display/assortment/pricing compliance and follow up, as well as general execution and issue resolution
  • Perform other job related duties as assigned

Bellevue, Washington