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Posted October 14th

Analyst Sales

Union City, California

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Posted October 14th

Analyst Sales

Union City, California

What You Need To Know

Primary Job Functions

  • Processes Scan and CQD payments for all California Chain and General Market customers in a timely fashion
  • Asist with monthly Scan and CQD reporting
  • Update, maintain and manage scan aging report for all California customers – follow up with Non-GSM suppliers on overdue payments
  • Assist with set up of General Market CQD programs for California
  • Help provide the user support, training, and relevant documentation for the CQD system
  • Participate in continues process improvement and development of new tools for Commercial Finance and Sales Teams
  • Work effectively with internal and external stakeholders, including Sales, Customer Service, Chain and GM Accounts, and Supplier reps to resolve issues as they arise.


Partner with the management team, sales associates, and divisional marketing force to promote key supplier initiatives. Demonstrates ability to proactively evaluate existing strategies, track key deliverables, and recommend changes when appropriate. Supports critical Sales and Marketing initiatives with quantitative/qualitative analysis.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Administer sales system including creating and/or running reports, creating and/or cascading goals, account and territory management, staff training, etc.
  • Distribute monthly sales reports from internal and external sources ensuring data integrity and ease of use, align brands with suppliers
  • Prepare commercial analysis that recaps business performance by trade channel and sales inputs
  • Organize and maintain account segmentation data within Information Technology system; review and update quarterly
  • Update master records to define customer account segmentation
  • Classify accounts based on volume and/or revenues
  • Track competitive pricing activity based on sales input
  • Create daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly pricing reports and analysis
  • Run standard and ad hoc reports for business and supplier needs
  • Analyze and rank teams and sales representatives that fail to deliver minimal standards
  • Identify potential brand risks and opportunities
  • Recap performance goals, and volume goals
  • Perform maintenance of data dimensions and routine updating of tracking tools to promote accuracy and accountability
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Union City, California