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Posted December 1st

2022 Spring ETP Co-Op | Miami, FL

Miramar, Florida

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Posted December 1st

2022 Spring ETP Co-Op | Miami, FL

Miramar, Florida

What You Need To Know

Who we're looking for: Master's students in Business Analytics graduating in May 2022 or December 2022
Location: Miramar, FL
Format: Remote (ocassational office visits)


The objective is to offer the MSBA (Master of Science in Business Analytics) students an internship experience while providing value to SGWS in solving a real business challenge and/or discovering new opportunities.  Students will be interns with our Enterprise Technology Partners teams for a 16 -week period working 16 hours a week.

Primary Responsibilities

The Innovation Technology Team evaluates new emerging technology and applies it to business challenges.  This role will have the intern(s) go through the innovation process which encompasses use case discovery, solution design and incubation through Proof of Concept approach

  • Use Case Discovery
    • Learn about the alcohol beverage business and the use case/business challenge identified by working with the sponsoring team to clearly understand and document the business process.
    • Collaborate within the student team as well as with SGWS team to define and propose a solution
  • Solution Discovery/ Design / Proposal / Incubation
    • Learn new technologies to assess best solution design and proposal
    • Develop a proposal selecting the best technologies to solving the business challenge
    • Test through POC (Proof of Concept) approach to understand how solution would work
    • Assess potential scale out of solution if delivered
  • Presentation of findings
    • Prepare and present the solution proposal to UM and SGWS mgt leaders

Miramar, Florida