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Posted October 7th

2022 ETP Rotational Development Program Analyst

Miramar, Florida

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Posted October 7th

2022 ETP Rotational Development Program Analyst

Miramar, Florida

What You Need To Know

2022 ETP IT Rotational Development Program
Who we are looking for: Seeking December 2021 and May 2022 graduating students.
Position Location: Miami, FL or Dallas, TX

About the Program

The SGWS ETP IT Rotational Development Program is a 12-month rotational program sponsored by Ann Dozier, CIO of SGWS. The program is designed to build future talent for the ETP Organization. You will be hired as an Associate with the opportunity to rotate through various teams within ETP. Based on departmental availability, participants will spend time working in three functional areas, becoming familiar with the core technology drivers of the company, ETP operations, Project Planning, Information Security, Infrastructure and solutions development to name a few. You will also receive comprehensive training in all areas in which you will be rotating. The opportunity will be based in our Miramar, FL or Dallas, TX offices. All the while, you will gain exposure to the C-suite, key decision makers at SGWS, and gain unparalleled cross-departmental knowledge that will position you for an accelerated career path in ETP. 

Rotational Area Overview

Business Solutions Delivery – The Analyst will work on gathering requirements and creating a Business Requirements Document and understand how this is then converted into a functional specification used by solution analyst to configure a platform to deliver on the business objectives.  Through the rotation, the analyst will learn the systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and how this guides the development of business solutions.  In addition, data management concepts will be learned and understood how these concepts and are applied to deliver business value.  Finally through work assigned, the analyst will gain an understanding of the SGWS software landscape and technical languages used at SGWS and how to best leverage these to create business solutions. 

Information Security – The Analyst will have an opportunity to be part of the Security Operations team and gain an understanding of what it means to respond to a security breach.  Knowing how to secure data, information and other IT assets will be a part of the learnings to begin to understand how to avoid a breach from happening. Finally, exposure to the internal control environment through audits focusing on: reliability/integrity of financial and operational information, effectiveness and efficiency of operations, safeguarding of assets, compliance with laws, and regulations and contracts.

Infrastructure & Service Delivery – The Analyst will have the opportunity to sit and listen to support calls from the National Service Desk to experience how ETP supports our business. Completing activities in support of our software and hardware environments as part of our Operations Control Center and desk side teams will allow an understanding of how our technical teams support the applications that are used by business operations.

Office of the CIO - As an Analyst in the OCIO, you will have the opportunity to interact with our Vendor Management, Finance and IT Asset Management Teams within ETP and outside of ETP to learn what it means to negotiate an IT contract and measure the value of our strategic vendor partnerships.  Exposure to our complex systems environment will be achieved by sitting with our technical architects to dig into the SGWS systems architecture components.  Working side by side with our PMO and Finance team, you will develop a project budget and estimate required resources, software, hardware and recurring costs depending on 2 different delivery methodologies:  Project Management Institute (PMI) and Safe Agile Delivery.  Finally, you will be part of creating the monthly ETP Scorecard for an understanding of the key measurement and how ETP defines success.

Miramar, Florida