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About Us
Soupergirl is a Washington, DC founded plant-based natural foods company with a mission to change the world, one meal at a time. Our soups are a fusion of modern flavors and old-fashioned cooking techniques that highlight seasonal, fresh ingredients. Founded in 2008 by a mother-daughter duo, the company cooks small-batch, all natural, delicious, certified kosher kfoods. At our core - we believe that the food system is broken. We believe that a new path is possible - one that includes responsible sourcing, respect for the planet, and most importantly, a healthy and valued workforce. At Soupergirl we are redefining the notions of value and quality as they relate to food. We are looking for someone to join our mission - the work has only just begun.

The Soupergirl mission has proven to be a great success, founded by two women who have built a strong business, trusted by their community. The company has expanded into a robust retail grocery business and a direct to consumer program. Soupergirl has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Food and Wine, the Washington Post, the Hill, and more. The company received national exposure on Shark Tank and has been featured on Today Show and The Dish.