Something & Nothing


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About Us
Today’s consumers live the ‘modern contradiction' balancing health and hedonism. Our mission is to create drinks for this lifestyle dichotomy, an award winning portfolio of essential daily beverages for the multiple moments, occasions and experiences of the modern curious consumer. Our beverages are sold in US, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Company Values

We are curious
We accept we don’t know it all. We passionately explore and are excited to discover. We regard inward facing curiosity as the spotlight for personal growth.

We act with courage
We challenge the norms; we may fail, we will learn, and we go again.

We embrace change
We constantly adapt to the changes in ourselves and our environment. We think abundantly (there are always many options) rather than scarcely (there is only one path).

We consume consciously
Everything is finite; we are rigorous in using our resources efficiently.

Organisational culture
We believe structured hierarchies can stifle creativity and curiosity, two elements critical to the success of our business. In place of a formal hierarchy, we have an open culture. In practice, this means that we are all accountable to the company rather than to the manager. In fact, you won’t even have a manager, you will have full autonomy and authority to ensure you perform your responsibilities.

To ensure you have the technical skill and mindset to deliver your responsibilities you will have access to support to foster your growth and development. Your role will be defined by your responsibilities, which will clearly link to the vision, purpose and strategic goals of the business. You will be able to see everyone else’s responsibilities, giving you visibility of how everyone is linked together. No one has a job title as titles limit the scope of the responsibilities we may need you to undertake. The world and business are dynamic, and as such, roles in our business will evolve.

We strive for the highest standards across all responsibilities we have. When pushing boundaries in the pursuit of amazing work, everyone is going to mess up; it would be weird if we didn’t. We take risks, we are accountable for mistakes, and we learn from them. To help everyone improve, we give and receive honest feedback, we see it as a skill that everyone can benefit from.

We build trust through showing care for others, demonstrating our personal values and understanding the values of others, and mastering our roles. Everyone can express their ideas, thoughts and opinions, and we encourage respectful debate and discussion of different views. We aim to take a place of intellectual and situational humility; we’re curious so we ask questions to help us to understand, we take the time to listen to others.

The co-founders
The co-founders are Rupert Pugsley and Olly Dixon. Rupert is responsible for sales and operations; Olly is responsible for creative and communications.

Rupert has worked in the UK and Australian beverage industries, with his time spent at two of the world’s biggest drinks businesses - Red Bull and PepsiCo. His experience spans account management in off- and on-trade channels, field sales and category management. He’s led strategic business planning, process development and employee engagement. He left Red Bull in 2016 to complete M.Sc’s in Psychology & Occupational Psychology; his research areas included authenticity at work, trust, imposter syndrome and self-actualisation.

in 2007, Olly co-founded creative agency Margaret_. He was the Creative Director behind award winning campaigns and branding for; Diesel, Kopparberg, Sony, Somerset House and Nintendo. Since leaving Margaret in 2017, Olly has consulted to D2C brand Mahabis and was Creative Director at AKQA working on Volvo and H&M. He is a founding member of the Glimpse collective (using creativity for good) raising over £1 million for Help Refugees, and co-owns The Gun pub in Hackney.