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Posted November 23rd


Austin, Texas

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Posted November 23rd


Austin, Texas






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Where some people turn to magic eight balls or magic sorting hats to determine fates and futures, there's no need for any of that when you're around. Specific to hiring and recruiting, you've got a keen sense of intuition, which is second-only to your perceptiveness, consideration, and thoroughness of each and every candidate. In short: You're as good as it gets when it comes to recruiting talent-a talent not lost on you! You're also friendly, organized, and have unbeatable critical thinking skills. In fact, the tale of Goldilocks would have ended very differently if she had only brought you along the journey with her, and trusted you to help her find the right seat, right porridge, right bed, etc. If there's a good fit to be found, you'll find it.

Our family is looking for a recruiter to be a champion of our company culture, and to help us grow our team thoughtfully and strategically. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!

About you:
    • You could tick the box on "Strong Communication" on every personality quiz so confidently that you could use a Magnum Sharpie and never look back.
    • "Relationship Management" isn't just what you do. It's who you are. And friends, family, neighbors, and friendly strangers would agree.
    • Theories have surfaced about you harnessing the bright and cheery energy of the sun for all your radiant and positive energy. In truth, you're actually energized by creating excitement with candidates, welcoming people, being positioned as connector, spreading kindness. (But the truth is classified as "need to know" info.)
    • As a conduit for company culture, you're adept in using discernment and critical evaluation.
    • You are level-headed as a..erm-level-and cool as a cucumber agua fresca under pressure.
    • Some people are born musicians or entrepreneurs or taco-lovers, and while you may be all of these, too, you are also a born time management expert.
    • You're as perceptive as they come. As in "I-noticed-you-noticing-me-noticing-that-and-noticed-that-that-made-you-notice-that-too."

What you will do:
    • Manage and own the entirety of the recruiting candidate experience including vetting resumes, interviewing candidates, administering appropriate assessments and reference checks, making recommendations for hire (or not hire), driving feedback collection (as well as understanding it), and delivering employment offers.
    • Manage applicant tracking system (ATS) ensuring candidates are properly staged, users are trained, data is monitored, communication records are maintained, and is being used to create efficiencies in our recurring practices.
    • Source talent and build strong pipelines on a regular basis.
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for hiring managers and panel members throughout the recruiting stages.
    • Lead effort to enhance and further develop our employer value proposition ensuring content is current and true, competitive and appealing to candidates, and we are always on brand.
    • Manage external hiring groups such as third party recruiters and agencies.
    • Assist with DEI recruiting efforts such as researching methodology, tools, trends, legal resources, and innovation.
    • Train and support hiring managers and teams, ensuring they are prepared for interviews as well as representing Siete to candidates.
    • Partner with HR on onboarding efforts to help build a welcoming experience for all new hires.
    • Manage third party job boards and LinkedIn account.
    • Create and maintain new job descriptions following brand guidelines as well as ensuring roles are clear of what is expected.
    • Stay connected with local and industry recruiting networks to be informed on market trends and relevant efforts in the community.
    • Serve as a culture champion and assist with employee recognition efforts.

Your experience:
    • 3+ years of experience in recruiting across a variety of functions such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, etc.
    • Prior experience sourcing candidates on Linkedin.
    • Previously worked in a role requiring coordination and critical thinking.
    • Prior experience with an ATS, especially Lever, preferred.

Please fill out our culture questionnaire . There are no wrong answers here -we want to learn more about you!

Siete Family Foods is an equal opportunity employer and committed to diversity in its workplace. Siete Family Foods hires qualified candidates and makes all employment-related decisions based exclusively on job-related qualifications, without regard to characteristics such as race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other status protected by law.
Austin, Texas