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Posted October 25th

Operations Customer Care Specialist

Austin, Texas

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Posted October 25th

Operations Customer Care Specialist

Austin, Texas






Full Time

What's the Energizer Bunny, Hermione Granger, and Thomas the Tank Engine have in common? Not much. But they do possess the attitude of our dream candidate: an abundance of positive energy; brilliance, punctuality, and wit; and zeal and zest for life. If these guys are your spirit animals, exemplars, and everyday heroes, then we have more in common than you may know, and would love to hear from you.

About you:
    • You're a hard worker who aspires to be a friend to all, and a stranger to none.
    • On "The Official List of Fast and Efficient Things," your name belongs next to cheetahs, lightning, the blink of an eye, and the infamous Speedy McGee.
    • Your attitude about communication can be summed by this simple song you made up in grade school: "Cross your 'T's! Dot your 'I's! Clear communication is easy as pie!"
    • Because you're such a good problem-solver, your friends are convinced that you're somehow related to Sherlock Holmes, and always call you at the first sign of a mystery.
    • If you were a luxury car utility, you might say you're like a seat warmer: comforting and warm to be around, but also know how to light a fire under someone.

What you will do:
    • Build strong relationships with and maintain good communication with buyers.
    • Process Sales Orders: reviewing all orders for accuracy, minimum order quantities, and lead times.
    • Collaborate with buyers to revise orders that contain errors, orders that need to be shorted and process expedite requests.
    • Work with supply planners to confirm Master PO production is on schedule, communicating any issues that affect the requested order quantities of a PO to the buyer.
    • Manage forecasted inventory for 3PL consolidation to ensure appropriate inventory levels.
    • Communicate cross-functionally to understand inventory demands and availability as it relates to each department.
    • Utilize open order, inventory, and 3PL reports on a daily basis.
    • Collaborate with Warehouse Manager to ensure orders requiring labor hours are planned and accounted for in the DC schedule.
    • Work closely with Logistics Specialists on filling and shipping orders to customers.
    • Assist with EDI setup of new customers and monitor the EDI platform for errors.

Your experience:
    • Knowledge of Supply Chain Concepts.
    • Solid knowledge of Excel; GSuite, Inventory Management software (ERP or IMS) and EDI experience are extreme plus.
    • Production, Logistics, or Warehousing experience is a plus.

Please fill out our culture questionnaire . There are no wrong answers here -we want to learn more about you!

Siete Family Foods is an equal opportunity employer and committed to diversity in its workplace. Siete Family Foods hires qualified candidates and makes all employment-related decisions based exclusively on job-related qualifications, without regard to characteristics such as race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other status protected by law.
Austin, Texas