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Posted May 16th

Night Shift Warehouse Supervisor

Liverpool, New York

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Posted May 16th

Night Shift Warehouse Supervisor

Liverpool, New York






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T.J. Sheehan Distributing, the Anheuser-Busch wholesaler for Onondaga County, along with a diverse portfolio of craft beers and imports for Central and Western New York State, is currently seeking to fill a Night Shift Warehouse Supervisor position.

The Warehouse Supervisor will be responsible for supervising the warehouse's night functions, including managing proper order picking for the next day and proper loading and unloading of retail trucks. This individual will also be responsible for ensuring employees work in a manner that maximizes safety and productivity.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package, competitive salary, and the opportunity for advancement as the company grows.


  • Directing workflow of order selectors
  • Administer proper use of the voice-pick application
  • Supervision of staff in loading procedures, ensuring that all product is shipped accurately
  • Communicate daily safety, service, and productivity statistics to hourly staff
  • Account for all bulk orders as well as liquor orders and ensure that they are loaded properly
  • Monitor and record all shift breakage and report to the Inventory Manager

  • Manpower and equipment planning of operations personnel for the upcoming week
  • Ensure that accident/injury reports are filed promptly and accurately

  • Ensure the proper upkeep of the warehouse
  • Supervise and direct the activities of drivers in the warehouse
  • Responsible for recording equipment defects on DECR
  • Strong working knowledge of OSHA regulations and company SOPs
  • Other duties as assigned by the Manager

  • Bachelor's or Associate degree
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • A willingness and ability to work flexible hours and weekends as needed
  • Previous experience in a warehouse environment
  • High attention to detail
  • Experience with FT/electronically tracked inventory movement
  • Extensive Excel and Google products suite knowledge and experience
  • Self-motivated
  • Experience with VIP or other beverage WMS a plus

All candidates considered will have a background check, pre-employment drug screen, and a physical exam.

We look forward to hearing from you

* This description is not intended as a written or implied contract and may be revised by the company at any time. Furthermore, no verbal contract by the supervisor or other company representative is binding, and employment is at the will of the company.
Liverpool, New York