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Vivazen has a unique yet remarkable history, which has positioned it to be the global leader in functional beverages in the convenience channel. With a line of products that support people in experiencing happier and healthier lives with less pain, better sleep, increased mood, and less stress Vivazen is hiring aggressively for the next level of growth.  

Vivazen is a rapid growth, high-energy company of big thinkers and big doers. We are a consumer-packaged goods and beverage company with a history of strong profitable growth as the number one product and brand in our category.  The business has been growing at a rate north of 250% per year, with the most recent growth sprint being at a rate of 400% per year. They see where markets are going and creates new product categories that become the next big wave. Currently launching some new exciting products in natural wellness, specifically in CBD. Through their expanding network of sales and distribution, they are building a team to take current and new products to the global market.