Seemore Meats & Veggies

About Us
Seemore Meats & Veggies is owned- and led- by fourth-generation butcher Cara Nicoletti and food industry veterans Erin Patinkin (also co-founder of Ovenly) and Ariel Hauptman. Together, they are on a mission to mix up the industry through innovative and delicious products, kindness, and many, many sausage jokes. 

Compassion is key to all we do, so we work with farms and butchers that treat their animals and their people with respect. We value the whole ecosystem—animals, people, and planet—and work to improve the well-being of all of its elements. We even offset our carbon from production and shipping.

Seemore sausages are as flavorful as the classics, but made with up to 35% vegetable (!!) and a lot more flavor. That’s because we pack each link with fresh veggies, natural cheeses, delicious herbs and spices, and humanely raised meats and mix them together into unexpected flavors. It’s a new kind of sausage party, and we’re excited to have you join the fun! 

We’re transparent about how we make our sausages, from ingredients to production. Using only high-quality ingredients from farms—not labs—we keep processing to a minimum and taste to a maximum. Our meats are always humanely raised and never with added hormones or antibiotics. Our veggies are fresh, so our links are naturally colorful, never dyed, and above all, always the most fun.