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Posted October 2nd

Miami Shop Manager

Miami, Florida

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Salt and Straw


Restaurant and Production and Manufacturing



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Posted October 2nd

Miami Shop Manager

Miami, Florida


Hospitality/Food Service




Full Time

About The Position
Salt & Straw is bringing our curiously delicious ice cream to Miami! We are looking for a passionate leader to help grow America’s top ice cream brand in Florida.
Are you ready to set the stage and create magical moments of hospitality? We are looking for a passionate leader who can inspire team members to reach their own heights of service and community. Join our fast-growing company as we head across the country and open our first scoop shops on the East Coast.

Company Overview
In 1996, Kim Malek dreamed of opening an ice cream shop. A gathering place where you could run into neighbors, celebrate with your family, or treat yourself. A space where real community could happen. She held on to this dream while working for a handful of Fortune 500 companies, learning the value of building a business model around compassion, transparency and putting people first. In 2011, she and her cousin Tyler decided to make the dream a reality. Tyler moved from Seattle to Portland and spent endless hours testing flavor ideas. Kim cashed out her 401K and signed a lease for our first scoop shop. Kim scooped by day and Tyler scooped by night. Together, they started serving wildly creative, locally driven scoops out of a cart. 
It wasn’t long before they were being recognized for their culinary creations: the Wall Street Journal deemed our ice cream as “the new standard to beat” and Oprah featured us as one of her Favorite Things. Chef and co-founder Tyler Malek then won Forbes 30 under 30 for “Changing the Way America Eats”. 
Today, Salt & Straw has 19 locations along the West Coast, including Downtown Disney, and we ship our ice cream nationally. As we’ve grown, our ice cream has stayed small-batch and hand-crafted, churned with all-natural dairy and the best ingredients we can find. All of our cities have a locally curated menu: We partner with chefs, cheesemongers, chocolatiers, brewers, coffee roasters, and even fourth-graders to create flavors that reflect the communities where we scoop.

Generosity and putting people first is at the root of how we do business. We're committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment where people can be their best selves and personal philosophies are valued and encouraged. All employees learn about the organization’s commitment to legendary hospitality and the importance of finding ways to pleasantly surprise customers and one another. We embrace a feedback driven culture and share a dedication to making unbelievable ice cream.

Salt & Straw Values
  1. Make unbelievable ice cream
  2. Be known for legendary hospitality
  3. Generosity
  4. Take care of each other
  5. Carefully tend to profits and growth
Essential Duties and Responsibilities 
The Miami Shop Manager is a key leadership role that will represent and help grow the Salt & Straw brand in the South Florida market. You will play a critical role in cultivating a strong community inside of our scoop shop. From hiring, training, and  building a best-in-class retail team, your leadership will inspire our team to take care of one another and our community, and make our scoop shop the best place to work, partner with, and visit. 

The success of this role is measured by the following:
  • Make our shop the best place to work by developing, recruiting, and retaining our shop team
  • Make sure our team has what they need to succeed and keep shop at 100% operational capacity at all times
  • Ensure every scoop and all product that leaves our shop exceeds our quality standards and inspire our team to be food safety and product quality advocates
  • Create a culture of service and hospitality that inspires our team to take care of one another and brings company values, culture, and communication to life
  • Drive your business to achieve your annual strategic and financial goals while delivering our brand experience and owning full P&L responsibility
  • Create community at our shop by creating and maintaining important shop and neighborhood relationships and identifying ways to be good stewards of the neighborhood
  • 2+ years of retail management experience that includes strong leadership and problem solving skills
  • 2+ years of food service experience preferred
  • Ability to transfer and work from other shop locations in the market
  • Dependable team-player who has after hour availability when shop needs require
  • Full-time availability to support the team and the shop which is open days, evenings, weekends, and most holidays
  • Available to travel for on-boarding and company training opportunities
  • Full time schedule will include day, evening, and weekend shifts
  • Current Food Handler card and respect for safety and hygiene standards
As a full-time employee, working at least 20 hours per week, you and your eligible dependents qualify for Salt & Straw’s comprehensive benefit package. 
  • Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Short & Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Life Insurance and AD&D Insurance
  • Fully paid parental leave 
  • Leadership training
  • Competitive wages, bonus program, and opportunities for growth
  • 80 hours of accrued paid time off 
Enough of what we think…
Hear what our team has to say about working at Salt & Straw:  

And learn more about the inspiration behind how we create new flavors every month, straight from our co-founder and head ice cream maker, Tyler Malek:

Salt & Straw is proud to be an equal opportunity employer of all qualified individuals. We will consider all people - minorities, women, veterans and individuals with disabilities no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. Salt & Straw will consider giving opportunities to qualified individuals with criminal histories when it aligns with federal, state and local statutes.
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Miami, Florida