Saffron Road



About Us
Our Journey On The Higher Road. The Saffron Road.

Saffron Road’s global journey began with a core belief that traditionally pure foods can be a safe medium to compassionately inspire and inclusively connect diverse cultures together. Regardless of language, religion, or culture, everyone loves authentically delicious, wholesome foods. Saffron Road celebrates our fundamental commonality as inspired in our World Cuisines, which we feel can bridge many of humanity’s widest of divides.

Our founder and CEO, Adnan Durrani, having been exposed to halal food his whole life as well as being a pioneer for 30 years in the organic food sector, understood the latent demands growing in niche markets for superior, better-for-you food options. With this in mind, he set out to create premium quality Halal foods that were widely accessible but which also took the high road and didn’t compromise by: being better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the animals, better for your health – and most of all, being better tasting.

He envisioned the genesis of an iconic brand that would serve as a modern natural food incubator, based on the joy of discovering international flavors paired with a respect for the pure ingredients and cultures from which they come. Saffron Road debuted nationally in July 2010 in Whole Foods Market as the world’s first Halal-certified, antibiotic free and humanely raised frozen entrée. We have since become the fastest growing natural frozen food brand, as well as a leading natural snack brand, faithfully recreating regional recipes from over eight different cuisines from around the world. Our team strives relentlessly for all this while still maintaining our stellar quality standards as we trek the road less traveled on the Saffron Road. We never, ever compromise our quality, taste, or ingredients – zero tolerance is the hallmark of Saffron Road’s obsession for higher standards of excellence.

So Carpe Diem! Join our culinary revolution on our Journey To Better™ World Cuisines. We hope to inspire you with our ethical food adventures on the Saffron Road.