About Us
The past will take you to where you are going.

And that’s how a corporate businessman-turned-independent wine producer Barry Bayat found himself in the vineyards of the south of France. It was 2018 and Bayat had decided to leave behind his career on Wall Street to create the world’s most exceptional rosé. With its exquisite terroir and unparalleled grapes, Côtes de Provence would become the birthplace of RUMOR.

With the help of the finest winemaker in the region, the first vintage of RUMOR rosé was crafted in 2019. It didn’t stay secret for long. Bayat traversed the world, from the cliffside beaches of Mykonos to the slopes of Aspen - with a backpack full of bottles that contained a blend free from gimmick, guided only by taste and elegance.  A rosé that was sophisticated but had a light flavor profile suitable for all occasions. Persistent, with a belief that RUMOR was a hot summer day’s refreshment but also a snowy après-cocktail, Bayat has led RUMOR to be a global brand, carried in 11 countries and over 300+ prestigious spots. 

RUMOR was born in Provence and belongs to the world. Wherever you go, a taste of RUMOR lets you know you know you are right where you should be.

See you there.