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Posted July 19th

Field Marketing Manager

New York, NY

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ROAR Beverage Company



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Posted July 19th

Field Marketing Manager

New York, NY






Full Time

About The Position
ROAR Organic, the fast-growing brand of USDA Certified Organic Electrolyte Infusions, is searching for a dynamic and experienced Field Marketer to establish and manage the field marketing program in NY and bring our new brand to life!
ROAR Beverage Co: Maker of ROAR Organic I Field Marketing Manager, New York City
Who are we:
We are one of the hottest new beverage start-ups, producing a delicious line of electrolyte-infused drinks for those who expect more!  While we are less than 2 years old, we have great momentum, are poised for triple digit growth this year (again!) and are launching a full-time field marketing program to bring ROAR Organic to life! We are a company full of food and beverage veterans that have created and grown some of the most iconic brands of the last decade like vitaminwater, smartwater, CORE and Vita Coco and Arizona. 
Why did we create ROAR Organic and what exactly is it?
The last time we checked, you didn’t need permission to follow your dreams…but you do need tools to make those goals and side hustle happen.  Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder, or looking to tear it down, hitting the gym or hitting he pavement, ROAR Organic has the ingredients for success!
With only 10 calories and 1-2g of sugar per serving:
+ electrolytesfor faster hydration
+ antioxidantsto protect against free radicals
+ B-Vitaminsto help you hustle harder
OK, enough about us, what are we looking for?
We are looking for a Field Marketing Boss…someone who can think creatively about how to bring our brand to life experientially given the evolution of field marketing into experiences, leveraging the power of technology and the ability to amplify the message through social media, influencers and PR. 
All this has to be done in a way that aligns with our brand strategy that is about breaking the norms, being premium and ultimately being a lifestyle brand that is built around the pillars of fitness, style, entrepreneurship and the modern hustle culture. 

We are looking for someone who has the same passion points as the brand…so this will come as second nature vs. just a job (snoozer). So if you are inspired by girl bosses like Emily Weiss from Glossier, into the latest fitness innovation and boutique studios like Peloton, Project by Equinox and Dogpound and can’t wait to see what Issa Rae is working on next, then this job is for you.
Specifically, this would be:
  • Working with the VP of Marketing to activate the field marketing vision in NYC 
  • Development and flawless execution of market-specific plans with a focus on local events, sampling, seeding and content development for social media/PR amplification with the goal of increasing brand awareness/education and driving trial.
  • Hiring, mentoring and managing the ROAR Field Sampling team members, including a full-time team lead, to bring this strategy to life 
  • Leading negotiations, planning and execution of local events and strategic partnership initiatives
  • Collaborating with Area Sales Managers to identify priority sales accounts and work with marketing managers to develop strategic marketing support / programming to grow account volume 
  • Collaborating with the sales team to develop tactics to keep ROAR top of mind with distributor partners by regularly attending meetings at the distributor, consistently engaging them in discussion about the ROAR brand and providing a monthly snapshot (report) of local and national Field Marketing activities
  • Managing your market’s field marketing budget to ensure on-budget delivery of goals and maximization of impact
  • Monitoring marketing activities, assess impact and timely reports to continually improve and innovate
  • Embodying the #FindYourRoar and #MakeMovesBeHeard Brand Values both at work (lifestyle) and at play (active health). 
Education, Experience & Key Traits
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years of relevant management experience in experiential/field marketing, partnerships, PR/Social content development and amplification
  • Track record of building breakthrough experiential programming leveraging new technologies and tools
  • Excellent communication, planning and budgeting experience
  • Understanding and passion for creating memorable experiences that breakthrough the consumer psyche
  • Passion for fitness and pop culture with a built-in network of influencer connections in the market
  • Desire to do things differently and create something special
  • Plays well in the sandbox with others
  • Not afraid to get their hands dirty 
What we offer
-      Medical, dental and vision health benefits
-      Paid vacation time
-      Equity options 
-      A fun, flexible, entrepreneurial atmosphere
-      Growth opportunities (we are small but growing!)
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New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To Vice President of Marketing
  • Direct Reports 1 Direct Full-Time Report plus the Brand Ambassador Team