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Posted March 23rd

Sr Account Executive (NA)

Tustin, California

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Republic National Distributing Company



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Posted March 23rd

Sr Account Executive (NA)

Tustin, California


Coordinate the chain activities and initiatives for a designated national account and act as a liaison for all supplier partners, in addition to representing all markets with the intent to develop mutually beneficial chain marketing plans for our retail customers and our supplier partners.


• Develop a relationship with the designated national chain buyer and/or any respective regional buyer.

• Responsible for communicating issues and opportunities with all points of internal and external contact (state, regional, national).

• Facilitate all national and regional programs with the Company's supplier network and respective internal points of contact.

• Develop and implement best practices between this position, Company state chain associate positions and the Company's key decision makers (at the market/state level) to help facilitate chain initiatives for future enhancement of position efficiencies.

• In collaboration with respective Company chain contacts, initiate, pursue and support national and/or regional program opportunities within the Company's supplier network.

• Communicate the identification of trends/brands which may positively impact sales in other states.


Bachelors degree from four-year college or university preferred; eight or more years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Five or more years previous sales experience with an alcoholic beverage wholesaler or supplier preferred. The employee must regularly lift and /or move up to 30 pounds.
• Requires a current, valid state driver's license
• Ability to meet vehicle insurance requirements as defined by the Company
• Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) License, as required by the state
• Ability to regularly operate a motor vehicle
• Ability and flexibility to regularly travel throughout the marketing area
• Ability to understand and manage wine and spirits portfolios across three states, and provide balanced representation of the portfolios to the customer
Tustin, California