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Posted October 12th

Director Supplier Finance

Savannah, Georgia

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Posted October 12th

Director Supplier Finance

Savannah, Georgia








Director of Suppler Finance role is a support role for the Corporate Supplier Business Development teams, as well as the State Finance teams. This role is to help install and organize the Finance teams at the state level, including but not limited to interview, consult, and advise the state leaders on the process, procedures, and decisions in building the State Financial department. Once built, the role is responsible for leading the state financial directors on "best practices" and standardization on financial reporting.


• Governs, in partnership with the Director of Commercial Finance, the state level financial practices
• Creates and verifies adherence to standardized reporting and disciplined management of Supplier P&L management.
• Installs and maintains the Finance Integration Transformation (FIT) structure, primarily focusing on the Finance side of the organization
• Leads and connects with all Finance Directors at the state level (roughly 17 directors)
• Coordinates the standardization of the State Financial reviews and ensures all the state reporting and procedures are aligned
• Assists managers with Supplier Budget Tracking by state and coordinates and combines that information up to the SBDM team - roughly 250+ budgets by state, and manually combining budgets for reporting/analysis purposes)
• Leads the development and implementation of Supplier Pricing strategy
• Ensures coordination, communication, and support analytics to drive strategic support of pricing at the state and SKU level


4 year college degree in Accounting, Finance or another business related field of study required. 4 or more years of progressive financial analysis experience and/or accounting, economics, marketing or other business-related discipline. Sales Experience is a plus, Beverage Industry Supplier experience is preferred.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Savannah, Georgia