Regency Wines Nevada Inc



About Us
Our Mission Statement
At Regency Wines Nevada our mission is to provide the highest quality, most unusual and best wines to the US market. We pride ourselves on our ability to select wines based on the growers, winemakers, presentation and quality in the bottle. Bruno Laclotte, the son of a winemaker and a winemaker himself carefully selects each wine Regency represents at the source. He travels extensively throughout Europe and the US tasting wines while still the barrel so that you can have the most innovative wines on your table, first.

Our History
Regency Wines Nevada was formed in 1995 after Bruno spent most of his life in France. He studied Oenology for six years and then began working at some of the most reputable wineries in Bordeaux and Champagne. Bruno perfected his art of vinification at Mouton-Rothschild and then set his sights on bringing wines from around the world to the US. Regency Wines, through its close relationships with the wineries, has been able to import and distribute exquisite wines in California, Arizona, Nevada and some nationally.

Not only will wines with Regency Wines’ Seal of Approval ensure all wines be of exceptional quality, you can trust they will be a great representation of the appellation or growing region where the wine is produced. Regency’s family’s passion for wine and the wine business ensures that year after year all are involved in all facets of the wine making process. In some instances, Regency has encouraged and assisted wine-growers who sell their grapes, to create their own label and produce their own exceptional wines. Please continue on the journey through Regency Wines. Meet our passionate salespeople, learn of more of our incredible wines and keep up to date with Regency Wine’s events and new releases.