Recover 180


Distributor, Production and Manufacturing, and Supplier

About Us
The team bringing you RECOVER 180° know how to LIVE LIFE UNLIMITED. We have significant experience in the premium beverage and wellness industries in the U.S. and abroad. Our founder, Mike Meldman, is the chief executive officer and founder of Discovery Land Company—a real estate development company with 19 world-class private resorts. Together, our advisory board has an outstanding track record of pursuing new and untapped market opportunities across the high-end hospitality, food and beverage categories.

RECOVER 180° was created by and for the people who pursue the best life has to offer, and want better everyday. We set out to fuel our pursuit of new heights, new paths, and pursuit of happiness. We created the premium electrolyte beverage, with more functional, quality ingredients than leading brands, and none of the stuff you don’t need. R180 is a true isotonic beverage to keep your cells balanced and ready to embrace life.