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At RE Botanicals™, we believe that healthy soil creates healthy plants, healthy people, and a healthy climate. Our Pure Organic Hemp Apothecary harkens back to the traditions of plant extract apothecaries. Our founder John W. Roulac’s 20-year legacy in hemp and personal commitment to healthy living and regenerative agriculture ensure that we honor the artisan apothecary tradition and deliver purity that meets our ethical standards. 

Our commitment to high quality insures you that the product you consume is pure and organic. We curate only the highest quality golden full spectrum plant-based hemp extracts from USDA certified-organic, US grown hemp.  Crafted in small batches blending organic MCT oil, our organic hemp gives you an authentic and elegant experience. No pesticides, solvents or GMOs. We are committed to organic and regenerative agriculture, and all of our products are USDA certified-organic, which is why 1% of our sales are donated to groups promoting and practicing regenerative agriculture while helping farmers create healthier soils.