RationAle Brewing



About Us
RationAle Brewing is a premium craft non alcoholic beer company born in San Diego & brewed in Sonoma California!

We are The Official Beer of Moderation supporting those that enjoy a few cold bevies alongside being mindful in their alcohol consumption.  Our full bodied brews are loaded with all the delicious flavors you should expect in a craft beer...however, it just happens that our brews do not have the booze!              

Our proprietary brewing process and de-alcohol technology is what separates us from many other non alcoholic beers on the market today.  Ultimately our goal is to see your beer consumption increase while your alcohol consumption decreases.  At no point should you feel like you are making any sacrifices aside from needing more beer money!

As an early stage company we truly take an "all hands on deck" approach to running the business.  You will be provided a high degree of independence, opportunity & adversity as we build out the premium segment within non alcoholic beer.  We want you to be apart of our success which means providing equity to our team members!  Lastly, we place a high value on a work/life balance and offer a competitive base salary, bonus & plenty of free brews for you and your friends & family!