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Posted May 12th

Production Lead #2 @ Distillery by the Beach

El Segundo, CA





Production and Manufacturing and Supplier



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Posted May 12th

Production Lead #2 @ Distillery by the Beach

El Segundo, CA






50-70 w/bonus


Full Time

About The Position
JOB DESCRIPTION: Production Manager - Shift Two is responsible for the production of our private label products and will complete all facets of the production process including mix, proof, filtration, cellar, finishing, and working with barrel maturation and blending.  Management responsibilities include management of all evening shift operations personnel, as well ensuring adherence to and enforcement of all sanitation and safety procedures.  Additionally, this role requires the ability to learn extremely quickly how to operate an automated bottling line (Borelli, NewTek, Duetto) and canning line (Ska, Wild Goose, BevTec).
Production Manager - Shift Two is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day private label production operations.  This position manages production staff and ensures shift cohesiveness and solidarity within the private label and R6 production functions.  This role is responsible for producing recipes while maintaining product quality and consistency.  This position works closely with the Director of Operations to meet production goals.  This position also works in conjunction with the Private Label Production Manager to streamline processes and achieve quality improvements.  The Production Manager – Shift Two is expected to be punctual, self-motivated, and to lead by example.  The Production Manager – Shift Two is responsible for maintaining a healthy and positive team environment for R6 back of house operations.
Daily Duties, Functions, Responsibilities
●      Sets division goals and work with production employees to achieve comprehensive production goals.
●      Develop, implement, and ensure compliance with company mandated programs and procedures inclusive of, but not limited to, Safety Programs, Operating Procedures Manual and Training Program, Inventory Tracking and Control, Accident/Incident Reports, and basic budget compliance.
●      Maintain weekly product forecasts, inventory logs, and order at specified or to be determined par re-order points.
●      Attend weekly management meetings to update in-house production employees on wins and shortfalls.
●      Supervise cleanliness and sanitation of all equipment, tanks, and work areas.
●      Fundamental knowledge of plumbing and machinery mechanics/maintenance.
●      Make suggestions to enhance already established QA/QC program.  Create mechanisms for proactive feedback for downstream quality control.
●      Oversee performance management to include, discipline, recognition, evaluations, etc.
●      Oversee the standard operating procedures and guidelines (SOP/SOG) process.
●      Troubleshoot problems technical in nature in all facets of production.
●      Understand and be able to effectively produce beverages with <1 ppm dissolved oxygen, appropriate carbonation volumes, and make transfers without introducing bacteria or oxygen.
●      Schedule production to ensure minimal lead time for customers and our supply chain.
●      Oversee raw materials procurement.
●      Coordinate with the Chief Executive Officer/Owner for all equipment upgrades, purchasing, and maintenance.
●      Guarantee the training of staff in job duties, safety procedures, and company policy. 
●      Responsible for hiring and performance management of production employees. 
●      Ensure accurate inventory and quality management of raw materials and chemicals.
●      Handle of hazardous chemicals.
●      Oversee R6 safety program. 
●      Facilitate weekly meetings to maintain open communications with all shifts. 
●      Hire, train, motivate, and mentor production assistants to work at a level consistent with R6 production goals.
●      Research technical and piloting specialties on an ongoing basis; maintain equipment.
●      Support and communicate with all departments influenced by Brewery operations, including, but not limited to, Safety, Bottling/Canning, Administration, and the Founders. Ability to Speak in a manner that conveys information effectively, to Manage Time effectively (of oneself and others), Organization in terms of the ability to manage priorities and routine functions effectively and efficiently, and Negotiation (bringing others together to discuss/reconcile issues).
●      Guarantee accurate daily production records per company and Federal Requirements.
●      Conduct distillery/production tours when necessary.
●      Special projects and other responsibilities as assigned. 
●        Passionate about all-things spirits and beverages.
●        At least 3 years experience in a production brewery with at least 15 BBL capacity. This should include a solid working knowledge of brewery operations: packaging, quality control, loss prevention, preventative maintenance, ingredients, and inventory.
●        Brewing education, certification, or undergraduate education required.
●        Must be 21+years of age.
●        Extensive knowledge of practices, methods, tools, and equipment used in production.
●        Familiar with sanitation requirements of a brewery with the ability to prevent and respond to microbiological activity. Ensure all sanitation practices, inclusive of but not limited to, general aesthetics, operational, and storage are adhered to.
●        Strong and demonstrated leadership and interpersonal communication skills and the ability to lead by example.
●        Knowledgeable in CIP (Cleaning in Place), canning experience.
●        The employee must frequently lift 60# and be able to move 150# throughout the day.
●        Must be available nights and weekends.
●        Extensive knowledge of occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions associated with work.
●        Ability to interpret technical bulletins and schematics on equipment related to work.
●        Ability to provide and follow oral and written instructions.
El Segundo, CA
Function Details
  • Reports To President of Company
  • Direct Reports 2-5