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Posted January 19th

R.E.D.D. Market Manager, California

Los Angeles, California

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Posted January 19th

R.E.D.D. Market Manager, California

Los Angeles, California




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$60k, plus bonus


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About The Position
R.E.D.D. is a plant-based protein bar seeking a vibrant, and energetic individual looking to grow a next generation food brand. This is a hybrid role --the Market Manager will be responsible for all sales and field marketing in California.
The Market Manager, California is expected to build brand awareness, grow brand trial and conversion of R.E.D.D., and grow sales in the Northern and Southern California markets.
They will need to build and manage a team of brand ambassadors, have a deep understanding of activities and events in the California markets and manage key retail accounts. 
The Market Manager needs to be enthusiastic, vibrant and ready to build a fast-growing food brand.
Sales Management:
  • Execute short and long-term sales objectives and strategies for market
  • Call on Key Accounts in the area to ensure distribution, ordering, programming, brand familiarity, staff trainings, and proper visibility
  • Develop and maintain sales contact with all major customers and new prospects
  • Maintain and expand existing distribution and volume sales
  • Schedule and conduct distributor team meetings to inform and educate sales representatives of brand standards to optimize sales performance
  • Manage market work with distributor sales representatives
  • Submit and review a weekly account report, Monthly Calendar, and Sales Planner
  • Maintain accurate records regarding distributor profiles, retail, and competitive activity and pricing
  • Manage all sales expenses and budgets for market/region
  • Manage retail accounts in the market including regional offices of national customers.
Marketing Management: 
  • Market Opportunities: Align R.E.D.D. brand with the right opportunities given deep understanding of events, partnerships and influencers in the California markets.
  • Store-level Marketing: Execute market-specific store-level marketing efforts including effective execution of product demos.
  • Merchandising: Ensure brand is merchandised and in-stock in local accounts by working with customers and third-party agencies.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Build and manage a team of best-in-class brand ambassadors who understand and embody the R.E.D.D. brand values.  
  • Budget Management: Oversee demo, merchandising and product allocation budget.
Requirements & Experience
  • 3-5 years of experience in food & beverage in either sales or field marketing
  • Deep understanding of the California markets
  • Live in California market, willing to travel
  • Experience in managing team members and budget  
  • Familiar with Microsoft Powerpoint, Word and Excel
  • Radiant energy, great attitude, ability to work well with others
  • Interest in plant-based food
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Los Angeles, California
Function Details
  • Reports To Vice President of Sales
  • Direct Reports 1-2