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Posted September 2nd

Customer Service Manager

New York, NY


Quintessential Brands North America


Importer and Supplier



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Posted September 2nd

Customer Service Manager

New York, NY






Full Time

About The Position
NY Tri-State based - Remote. To coordinate and manage the complex services required to deliver the brands, products and services of Quintessential from our distilleries and factories to our customers in North America.
Quintessential Brands’ world-class portfolio of premium British gins, Irish Creams and Liqueurs, crafted Irish Whiskies and award-winning French vodka, cognac, and liqueurs offer impeccable credentials and unique provenance.
NY Tri-State based - Remote

OUR VISION: Inspired since 1761 by our founder Thomas Dakin, we are dedicated to distilling and crafting the world’s best alcohol brands.
OUR MISSION: To be a leading independent, international spirits business, respected for our enviable portfolio of premium brands, world-class manufacturing capabilities and unique spirit solutions for importers, distributors, and retailers. To maintain and build on our unrivalled heritage and expertise in the crafting of authentic brands and bespoke alcoholic beverages.  
CAREER OPPORTUNITY:  Customer Service Manager 
REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer, Quintessential Brands North America
BASIC FUNCTION: To coordinate and manage the complex services required to deliver the brands, products and services of Quintessential from our distilleries and factories to our customers in North America.  The primary manager responsible for the conduct, quality and efficiency of physical route-to-market activities 
  • Coordinate the delivery of our products from our distilleries and warehouses to importers, import agents, distributors and retailers
  • Manage inventory in multiple warehouse locations
  • Produce ongoing forecast reports and inventory analysis
  • Supervise TTB filings, government registrations and other compliance functions
  • Manage relationships with importers and import-agents and supervise the services they provide, including logistics, licensing, invoicing, bonded storage, and            inventory management
  • Assure our customers are as satisfied with our services as they are excited by our brands
  • Be the repository of our company’s reputation for sound business practices 
  • Be the open channel of communication between the sales force, our manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters and our customers

  • Work with our customers to answer their questions, resolve their concerns and share their experiences. Satisfy their requirements. 
  • Work with our import logistics partner in coordinating logistics from plant to warehouse or customer
  • Work with our warehouse partners in the management of our in-market inventory. 
  • Work with Quintessential Brands planning and dispatch functions and our manufacturing facilities to assure the timely delivery of our products to our American customers. 
  • Work with our US based Accounting and Control group to assure that what we charge for our products and services is correct and reflective of our commitments to our customers. 
  • Initiate filings for State and Control Board Brand registrations, filing price postings, submit new product for formula and liquid approvals with TTB. 
  • Manage sample inventory and delivery
  • Prepare and circulate such reports are necessary to document and communicate your activities.
  • Be a partner in the successful management of QBNA and contribute your ideas and observations to the never-ending process of improving our customer services and perfecting our business practices. 
  • BA in accounting, business, or computer science 
  • Five years’ experience in the US spirits industry in customer service or sales functions 
  • A working geographic knowledge of the US and its major markets
  • Basic knowledge of accounting procedures
  • Current knowledge of and measurable ability in Excel, Word and PowerPoint 
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Prior employment in an Operations capacity for a US importer or US import services company
  • Knowledge of the three-tier system, TTB and state alcohol regulations
  • Prior employment in an Operations capacity with a logistics company, freight-forwarder, consolidator or bonded warehouse
Good people skills and an open and pleasant personality are essential. Due to the many moving pieces that exist along the route to market an ability to evaluate complex variables and identify alternatives is required. A good Customer Service Director needs to be self-motivated, able to work effectively without immediate supervision and above all else like people and respect their needs.
We are a growing company and we are in search of associates who share our ambitions and who want to be a part of a dynamic organization committed to the integrity of its products and services and the satisfaction of its customers. Your skills will be respected and play a significant role in our assessment of your application. But your view of life, your abilities and your willingness to join with others in making every day an exciting journey into the future is just as important. 
COMPENSATION:  Interview dependent. Includes health and life-insurance, retirement benefits and a bespoke incentive plan. 
New York, NY
Function Details
  • Reports To Chief Executive Officer, Quintessential Brands North America